Zwane: minimum ban

2004-02-04 22:59

Johannesburg - The presiding officer in the Arthur Zwane doping case, Solly Mookeletsi, revealed yesterday that the two-year ban slapped on the Kaizer Chiefs winger was in fact a minimum sentence prescribed by clause 1.3.2 of the anti-doping regulations.

The revelation comes in the wake of the outcry that followed Zwane's sentencing on Tuesday, as many people argue that the ban effectively ends the career of the mercurial winger.

"Contrary to what the public has been made to believe, the committee agreed on the minimum sentence, which is two years," Mookeletsi said.

"This was arrived at after we deliberated on the player's personal circumstances, in particular his age."

Mookletsi said the offence is of a serious nature and the regulations allow them to impose sterner measures, but they decided on the minimum after taking into consideration Zwane's age and the interests of society.

Mookeletsi also said the player had the right to appeal to the world soccer governing body, Fifa.

Chiefs, on the other hand, have hinted they will seek legal advice on the way in which the case was conducted. The club believes that apart from the fact that procedures were flouted, the way the test was conducted raises suspicion and they are not satisfied with the conclusion reached.

"To make matters worse, as a club we only heard about his sentence in the media," said manager Bobby Motaung.