Economic Freedom Fighters: A Poisoned Chalice (Part One)

2015-08-07 07:00

There is a reason South Africa’s economy is the second biggest in Africa, and the powerhouse of the continent. The transition from colonial administration to democratic governance was unique, ground breaking, and on all accounts wise.

The new rainbow nation marshalled by Nelson Mandela, and his gifted yet modest staff quickly turned around the fortunes of several of their fellow black men. 21 years later, regardless of which lantern blurs your view, life post 1994 has generally become better for South Africans of all races.

It is quite difficult to say the same thing of any of Mzansi’s neighbours who essentially wallow in outright dire paucity that effortlessly usurps biblical proportions. Zimbabwe, ironically Malema’s epitome of ‘freedom’ is insolvent and permanently mortgaged. Mozambique only utilises 9% of its arable land, and Venezuela is paragon of modern day lack.

Opportunists Riding On the Frustrations of the marginalized 

A few years ago, after being booted out of the ANC for ill-discipline, Julius Malema founded the Economic Freedom Fighters. He had in no so subtle diction insinuated instigating a coup / overthrowing the government in sovereign Botswana. (Going a little Hitler? But I will touch on that later)

Right from the beginning, I have always held warranted personal reservation. The 'Commander in Chief' always struck me as the 'Opportunist in Chief' instead.

You see, the ANC, and to their own detriment, in almost 20 years , had not made any notable strides with regards to economic transformation, greater inclusion, and equity in wealth distribution and opportunity.

Consequently the political landscape in South Africa had a gap, and as I had accurately predicted to a fellow friend and professor in 2008-2009, someone would seize that opportunity. And Malema did.

In no time, and to no surprise, populist chants became the signature of his new movement.

It is expected, you can’t go wrong when you promise people freebies, stoke Black Nationalism, fan a confrontational mentality, and sell glorified pies in the sky. That is any political predator's weapon X!

It is very difficult to envisage that Malema and the EFF are committed to Marxist-Leninist-Fanonian Principles (a fancy term for nationalist socialist) as a matter of unwavering principle, thorough conviction and incorruptible belief, but rather as a populist ticket to power.

It is rather expedient, if not too convenient, to the point where it is almost a miracle that the movement was founded on very sensitive but popular doctrines right after a man had been given the boot.

The Poisoned Chalice

The EFF mirrors and represents Marxist-Leninist-Fanonian principles herein referred to as MLFPs, which they reinforce.

The EFF ideology borrows from several philosophies which they barely understand themselves with the final product being a complex concept mechanism, as this one.

The MLFPs will achieve their primary purpose aforementioned above, I have little doubt about that. Any brand of collectivism built upon socialised nationalism easily mobilises huge numbers of people in a very short space of time. This is the reason the EFF, against all sound sense continues to grow till today, even amidst corruption, and brutal infighting.

It is easy to sell. Simple as that. No one can turn down ‘free money’, albeit the promise of it.

To a hopeless and desperate young man who sits at the street corner, a promise to someday own a mine, and become a billionaire not by hard work, but by skin colour is an opportunity too difficult to resist.

To any man, and woman for that matter, the chance to partake in the ‘white man’s’ dinner is hard to repel. In all earnest, that is the strength and yet the self-harming weakness of this marque of ‘socialism’.

Sadly, and as many will realise sooner than later, MLFPs are a poisoned chalice.

The leader’s themselves use them to achieve popularity alone, they are unforgivingly difficult to implement, and often times only result in reversed class structures where the brass at the top is replaced by a new one, but the chaps at the bottom of the food chain remain rooted there. With nothing but hope. The same hope that sold them a dummy to begin with.

MLFPs are a poisoned chalice, appearing good, and attractive, but bringing nothing more than harm in the aftermath. As mentioned in previous submissions, far left policies have failed, and repeatedly so.

There is no indication they will ever work, even for South Africa. Infact, in one of the EFF’s policy documents, they anticipate that they will meet strong resistance from the “World Bank, Global Financial Institutions and World Trade Organisation…”, and this will result in isolation, among other things.

Surely that is deeply ironic. In one breadth they mention that MLFPs will bring stability, while simultaneously warning us to brace ourselves for a turbulent and impending brawl with the rest of the world – in other words instability? Need i say more?

Anyone remember Russia?

Russia tried going far left as the EFF instigates and it failed, left their entire people equal and poor. In a bid to recover from that malaise, they mixed capitalism into their socialism and in less than a generation their economy has outgrown several of its adversaries. A few years ago, they were a meagre 5th. Now they are ranked #1 in a number of metrics.

The rude bottom line is empirically, historically, and evidently, far left economic policies have failed everywhere. Smart center left polices like in Canada or Finland are not only sustainable, but have brought huge poverty relief, and economic growth.

It is an annoying bit of truth, an inconvenient one that does not please the common people and I am often reprimanded for having this view.

You see people want to be fed ‘feel good’ lies of wealth, prosperity, equity, and taking back what is theirs, but that never turns on the ground. The leaders who promise this never do it, and when they do it worsens the poverty of the masses.

Michael Henning offers the most apt explanation of what MLFPs are, problematic in design, and why they fail.

"...Concept mechanics [Like the EFF] build new concepts by borrowing choice tad-bits from the old original ones. They observe the old [philosophies] dying and fancy themselves as a phoenix rising from the ashes of the old and dying [thought collectives]. They are fabricators rather than believers and speak with cleverness rather than sincerity. They note the discrepancies of other concepts and then set about dreaming up a celestial science that will answer all our hopes and desires

They fail to notice that the old is just that -old and past- because they are caught up in their own cleverness [cunningness]. Re-quoting famous people or ideas from the past as a clever substitute for thinking. Thinking is hard work and these concept mechanics are lazy

The EFF is more like a cult than a political party that can’t offer up anything better .They over simplify in slogans borrowed from others, a very complex and at times chaotic system..."

This renders the entire substance of the EFF as instituted on multiple borrowed principles that are not only redundant, but have a documented history of failure. They seem to get it, but they don't quite get it.

Francis Verloop in his analogy endorses the same stance.

"Malema learned from the tactics used by Lenin and Trotsky for whom they worked very well, but brought hunger and starvation for Russian population. It also worked for Fidel Castro, but not for the Cuban population (the majority wallows in poverty) and so on… One can continue and add the list of the other 70 odd formerly communist countries.

So chances are that eventually it will also work for Malema, but of course, not for the SA population. [ It will bring wealth and riches for the EFF, but hunger and starvation for all else]..."

A Cunning Clique Selling an Artificial High – Unsustainable Freebies & Sky Pies

It is quite evident that the Economic Freedom Fighters, as a collective has major problems. It was founded more on a chance encounter, by men who fell out with their masters, and knowing their master’s feebleness, exploited the opportunity to sway a large following towards their side.

This movement and struggle is categorically not about the ordinary black men, but about a few men self-actualising and gaining power. They are taking advantage of the frustration of the population, incensed by the ANC renegading on its promises, grand corruption, poor service delivery, rampant unemployment, and a prominent feeling of subjugation.

It is sad that my brothers and sisters have not realised that the freebies they are being promised now by the EFF are the same freebies the ANC has repeatedly promised, even worse, the EFF is promising communist like freebies. The ones which are unsustainable and tank economies in months.

Free is popular, and free gets you crowds. But free is a lie, an unsustainable one i must reiterate!

Therein lies the catch, and the reason why I call MLFPs a cunning socialist concoction.

My brothers and sisters we are being ‘sausaged’ and hoodwinked.

The fact of the matter is the backbone of the creed of the EFF is a collective of borrowed failed philosophies and policies. It indicts the EFF as opportunists, not gifted thinkers that the Republic of South Africa needs… Nationalist Socialism is unsustainable, and has  rude history of failure. It will only succeed in leaving the country belly up!

Did Someone Say Nazi Germany?

Michael Henning is dead right to say The EFF are a cult. They are not built on democratic processes, they are built on a cult of personality – Julius Malema. Hitler did it, Stalin did it, Mao did it, and the three North Korean leaders have all done it.

Hence we ought to be petrified, and very troubled. Is it not ironic if not horrifying that the EFF pushes for nationalist socialism?

Do you want to know which other movement pushed for the exact same agenda?

Answer - Nationalsozialismus (In English: National Socialism) more commonly known as Nazism! (/'na?ts?z?m/)

Coincidence? I think not, but that is a story for part two …

For now, I will leave it here! Enough Said, This Is Africa!

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