On The Hypocrisy Of White Self-Righteousness

2017-01-04 15:25

White South Africans now have the golden opportunity to become something different to their ancestors and what they represented. Although the white race has a reputation as raiders and colonists, white South Africans have the chance to reinvent themselves and uphold morality and humanity.

Some of the ancestors of white people have been so destructive that several offensive words were formed out of their names. The words vandal and barbaric both stem from the names of two ancient and rather crass Caucasian tribes, respectively called Vandals and Barbarians. The term gothic also derives its dark meaning from some equally dark tribes of white invaders – the Ostrogoths and the Visigoths.

These marauding clans from the North are the same which invaded and conquered the rest of Europe and from thence went on colonial sprees around the world, mindlessly spreading animosity, lawlessness and gluttony. It is now not an issue of contention that colonialism is both a ruthless and uncivilised undertaking, though it was for some time defended as an act of civilisation, which should be appreciated rather than condemned.

For ages, natives were given a false version of history about themselves and colonialism itself. Native ancestors were depicted as primitive and profane sub-humans who essentially had to be fought, enslaved and then moulded to a human level. All this while the European, who actually was the one acting savagely and uncivilised, was portrayed as an exemplary moralist internationally.

But as true records reveal, whites did not civilise Africa, they rather destroyed it. It’s worth noting that after the Middle Ages and the consequences of the so called Black Death, much of Europe was desolate, bankrupt and outwitted. At this point, Africa was contrarily thriving in commerce and global trade. From the North to the very South, Africa had viable and enviable trade routes which accounted for much of global trade between ±500 and ±1500 CE.

Between 700 and 1400 CE, much of global trade was dominated by the Islamic North African Empire of the Moors (blacks). The influence of the black Moors literally went to the ends of the earth, since they were not only traders, but efficient navigators as well. Evidence of their influence is the spread of Islamic culture to countries as far off as Indonesia, Tanzania and Russia. The Moors were factually colonists over certain regions but only business partners with many others.

Southern African kingdoms, whose languages belong to the Swahili (Bantu) class, were some of those who were never colonised by the Moors, but were trade partners with. The fall of the Moorish Empire around the 13th century likewise coincided with the beginning of a deliberate onslaught on the black race by European whites, who are also identified as Caucasians (Caucus Mountains, Turkey).

From conquering the Moors and Southern Europe, white tribes then went in hordes around the world with a selfish, hateful agenda of white supremacy. The same oppressive and inhuman principles were applied on all black people at every corner of the world, which shows race-based slavery and colonialism were calculated and coordinated deeds, and not merely coincidental.

It is clear that both Portugal and Holland were prominent traders with Southern Africa before opting to subvert moral conduct through conquest and colonialism. On the coast of Mozambique, records state the Portuguese killed the Muslim traders stationed there before hijacking the ports. Similar ethics and methods were applied in the Gold Coast and the very ‘Cape of Good Hope’ by the Dutch.

One of the insidious, repulsive things the Dutch did to conquer the Cape was infect the natives with the small pox virus, which was fatal at the time. In Namibia, the Herero and the Nama were also nearly wiped out by the colonist state of Germany. Millions were similarly slaughtered in the Congo by Leopold of Belgium.

The Berlin Conference, like apartheid, was not the beginning of black genocide, but the official confirmation thereof. Despite the fact that whites committed the most disgusting and inhuman acts on black people; they continually portrayed themselves as angels, moralists and born leaders. They also depicted their bodies and forms as the ideal over and above all the other races’, especially the blacks.

One of the most appalling conceptions of racist apartheid in South Africa was an inferior education system specifically for black people, called Bantu Education. This would guarantee generations of sub-human intellect black populations, ever subservient to the expertise of the properly educated white masters.

The problem with this scheming mentality is it is both ill-calculated and moronic. It may seem to work from its conception but always leads to disaster for everyone concerned in the long run. Humans do not excel over others through the use of force or tricks, but animals do. So when humans apply the laws of the animal kingdom instead of human morals, destruction is almost certain.

The fact that one man has a laser gun while all the next man has are bows and arrows doesn’t make the former any more significant, so to speak. Humans should be led by a beautiful moral conscience, not wits, tricks and masculinity. But this is exactly how most leading Western nations, which are led by whites, think and operate to this modern, civilised day.

With regard to apartheid, mainstream education and media platforms were ingeniously used by the colonial regime to maintain the status quo of white supremacy and the lies formulated around it. Many African children therefore grew up believing their ancestors were brute and unthinking sub-humans, and that colonialism was the best thing to ever happen to Africa.

Under Bantu Education, African children were not taught about Mansa Musa of the Islamic kingdom of Mali, which was arguably the wealthiest in the world before the rise of Western imperialism around the 14th century. Not only was Mali wealthy, but it boasted the largest library after Alexandria, and an internationally renowned university (Timbuktu) before many European nations even had one.

African children were not taught about the Mwene-Mutapa kings of Zimbabwe, whose empire controlled a lucrative gold enterprise, regulating the eastern coast and taxing foreign traders greatly for their imports. African children were not taught about Changamire of the Rozwi kingdom, who clashed with and slaughtered the Portuguese over the control of the then declining Mwene-Mutapa Empire.

Our children were not taught about the paradigm shifting victory of King Menelik II of Ethiopia against the would-be colonist state of Italy and its allies, in the battle of Adwa. Many images of ancient and thriving African civilisations prior to colonialism were not paraded with pride in history books written by our captors. But we saw plenty of gross images of grimy, half-naked natives next to poised and venerable white invaders, who were given all types of flattering titles, like explorers, missionaries, and discoverers.

Even during primary school modern history lessons, we were not taught about Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso, neither of Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, and neither of Haile Selassie of Ethiopia. But there was always plenty to say and gloat about Germanic colonists like Hertzog, Botha, Potgieter, Van Der Stel and others.

Despite the challenge of inferior, propaganda education and the fact that whites continually depicted themselves as role models, it was our black and oppressed ancestors who campaigned and fought for human rights and equality. This didn’t make sense, considering the assertion that whites were the smarter and better human beings.

By liberating both themselves and the white race itself, blacks proved they were actually more superior than the supposed inferior. On the other hand, the most resistance against apartheid ever displayed on a grand scale by the privileged whites was voting in several bloodless referendums. There was very much little done by the economically active white society to disrupt the inhumane system of racist oppression, basically.

In conclusion, we hope to dispel the highly misleading common perception that whites are civilisers or more efficient human beings. No African state ever needed to be colonised in order to be developed, since our ancestors were more than capable of developing it themselves, or even deciding whether they wish to do so or not. As said, much of Africa was a thriving international economy even before colonialism, and would have developed along with the rest of the world eventually without the scourge of colonialism.

Today, some of the descendants of those who came to Africa through conquest and racist oppression now have the audacity to look at the natives as savagely threats to their ‘upright’, ‘righteous’ lives and livelihoods. The very same people who used to murder and rape innocent black people and confined them to filthy slums constitutionally now look at the latter as dirty thieves and untrustworthy citizens.

These are the same people who justify clinging on to wealth and land acquired unfairly at the expense of the black majority, who believe the past should be forgotten but reforms, redistribution and reparations are not essential. These are the same hypocrites who say racial classification is no longer necessary but will not do much to reverse racially based conditions which continue to put the natives at a constant disadvantage.

The question is, after all has been considered, is it sensible to talk about reconciliation and a new South Africa when these persistent imbalances have not been resolved? Are blacks now supposed to look the other way while descendants of colonists enjoy the wealth and land of their forefathers in the name of reconciliation? And what kind of people are we reconciling with, who see no wrong in maintaining the devilish status quo, which we were all supposed to work together to change?

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