The Rise and Rise of Mmusi Maimane

2016-01-08 09:32

Soon after Mmusi Maimane was elected the Leader of the DA, I noted how people will eventually consider him a puppet of Whites. Because that is the easy way  - the path of least resistance.

And now the common conclusion of people in seeking to understand the recent public expressions of racial bile is that Mmusi Maimane is a mirage of the desert; a passing meteor, a dry well and a melting vapour.

Quite the contrary! Mmusi Maimane is successful in his efforts of changing DA within. It is precisely because of these successful efforts, now racists no longer find space within the DA to express themselves. Mmusi Maimane has created a core transformative team within the DA. The team is wrecking havoc on racists. This nucleus transformative core team is identifying and hunting down racists - binding and suffocating them.

And because there is no space anymore for the racists to breath the only avenue now they have is their social media accounts.

The racists are crawling out of the woodwork into the open, moaning, crying and wailing like spoilt children that have just been deprived of their favourite lollipops. They are being deprived of the old DA - their lollipop. Because of Mmusi Maimane and his core team wielding a big stick to the old DA and seeking to diversify the party, the racists are coming out in the open. There are biting their fingers, crushing their heads against the wall: stomping their feet - cursing and swearing. They cannot believe their eyes how they got themselves to this sorry mess of the DA led and controlled by a Black man.

Mmusi Maimane has so firmly taken control of the DA and the racists have no space anymore within the DA and are now crawling in the open to vomit their bile

It is like applying doom or raid insect spray within the house and coachroaches come out of the cracks and crannies, and crawl out of the windows into the outer world dying a slow death.  They are being flushed out through the pipes and in hysteria are polluting our public spaces.

Mmusi Maimane "is taking the DA too far, he is installing black leaders in Pretoria and Johannesburg for the coming elections” remarks the racists.

The racists are throwing their hands up in the air in confusion; their stomachs burning with hot oil. They burst their acids in the open, tossing and turning with severe stomach pains.

They see that the DA is nose diving into something else and there seem to be no space for the expressions of base primordial sentiments of their racial superiority. Superiority feelings are delusions, belief in what is not true as true, for the truth is that all people, black and white are the same and are equal. To reason, behave and act as if you are superior to others is only an illusion. When an illusion is believed it becomes a delusion, which is a psychosis.

Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. Racists will never change or influence anything in this country. This country has walked a thousand miles, crossed a thousand bridges and scaled the highest walls. Things have changed. Time has changed. The thermodynamics have changed, equations have changed, and permutations have changed.

There is no 21st century psychotic idiot and compound racist that can stop an idea whose time has come.

The democratic South Africa has remained a dream in search of reality, a natural idea in search of fulfillment, a problem in search of solution for the country's rich diversity, within the context of Africa in Africa. And new young leaders are emerging to fulfil the dream of the generation.

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