White African Resistance: White privilege, Lessons from Cuba & Warnings from Kunene

2016-12-05 12:06

White Privilege – what is the meaning of this all too commonly used idiom? As a white African with a great many friends who are white, black, Indian, Asian and other, the term does little more than insult my friends who are not white. Do people of color really believe in this day and age that the pale color of your skin imbues a person with such privilege so as to impose almost mystical status upon them? If you are white you are wealthy, successful and free of the stresses and toils of the modern life. Perhaps I am the wrong shade of white.

I tan easily, so maybe that is why I have not been blessed with the mechanical privilege apparently granted to all born white. What should white people do to overcome this curse of white privilege? Paint, dye, more exposure to the harsh African sun? White people own a vast swathe of the African land – false. In reality less than 8% of white people in South Africa own land. Many believe that they do, but the truth is that we merely borrow land from the banks. So that must mean that white people own the banks. In fact, it is estimated that at present 27% of the current JSE listed equity belongs to black South Africans. 42% of the JSE equity is foreign owned. 17% is owned by national interests and 14% of the JSE shares are owned by white South Africans. What is true is that white South Africans have a disproportional share of debt in South Africa.

The vast majority of white households in South Africa have a substantial negative debt to equity ratio. So what is white privilege? To be strangled by debt as you try to keep up the Jones’, and with the farcical notion that white success is to be accomplished at any cost? Is white privilege not being able to apply for 85% of advertised vacancies reserved for Employment Equity  candidates only? To be unable to fund a business in South Africa, if it is white owned? Down with white privilege, down with the Queen screams the EFF.

Whites are colonialists, they have no place in Africa; but how far back should be looking. Science has proved unequivocally that all homo sapiens are sons and daughters of Africa. So are white immigrants not simply returning home? Maybe that is looking too far back. Who gets to decide how far back we should keep looking? Then of course one may ask why we keep looking back at all. What if we look only twenty three years back? What could I have done to better the plight of those less fortunate in South Africa?

Perhaps I would not have spent R 80 billion of buying arms which have served as little more than a collection of rusting artifacts and paper weights. Perhaps I would not have allowed an estimated R 600 billion to be lost to corruption and incompetence. I live in Cape Town and every day I pass by Dunoon Township and I am appalled by the conditions in which so many of my brothers and sisters are forced to live. Then I read about another Gupta scandal, another ten billion syphoned from our country’s coffers by unrelenting greed and corruption. I read about SAA and the wholesale plunder of all of South Africa’s state owned enterprises. But I should not think of these things. Instead I should berate myself as a person “guilty” of white privilege. I am the true reason that the government of a country with more than sufficient resources to properly house, feed and educate its population has elected, rather than to help its people, to succumb to greed and degeneracy and to help only the privileged few . I am a white man, a son of white privilege and our leaders tell us that we are responsible. We are to blame. Apartheid they say, it was our downfall, for when we were freed it made thieves of us all.

A fired up Julius Malema heaped praise on Fidel Castro after his recent death. He praised “Companero” Fidel Castro as “an outstanding leader of our revolution.” What revolution is Julius referring to as “our” revolution?

I do not recall seeing Castor wearing a Bretling watch, and I do recall before his rise to power that Castro had a multimillion dollar tax bill, accumulated from sources of income unknown. Was your R 10 million house in Sandton a testament to your socialist credentials and your struggle ideals Julius?

Malema takes the opportunity, whenever it is presented, to pander to populist ideals such as “the white man caused all of our problems”. He asserts that white people have no place in Africa as they are colonialists. Surely then all colonialists must be painted with the same brush. So how does this view stack up when reviewing the life and times of Malema’s latest hero, Fidel Castro?

Castro was the son of first generation Spanish immigrants. His father Ángel Castro y Argiz, was a wealthy white farmer who migrated to Cuba from Galicia, Northwest Spain, while his mother was the daughter of first generations immigrants from the Canary Islands. In fact, Fidel Castro was the son of first generation colonialists, and a son of white privilege. His European family had no ties or links to Cuba, before a single generation of immigrants. It is a historical fact that the Spanish were viewed as the most cruel and barbarous colonialists.

They were certainly not ethnic Taíno people, the indigenous people of Cuba. Let’s continue to apply the logic of the EFF leader. By the Malema School of logic, colonialists have no rights in the land they colonized; only the indigenous people have rights. So in fact, Fidel Castro had no rights in Cuba. He was a white colonialist and should have been the subject of genocidal considerations of the Taino people. It is strange that a wealthy white immigrant farmer’s son, should be considered by Julius Malema to be an outstanding leader of “our” revolution; a leader who tortured and murdered more than eighty thousand of his own countrymen. Perhaps Julius is looking to outdo Castro by slaughtering millions white people. It is said by historians that Castro relished taking part in torture himself. Many opponents of the Castro regime qualify as the longest-suffering political prisoners in modern history, having suffered prison camps, forced labor and torture chambers for a periods a lot longer that the twenty seven years served by Madiba. Yes, Castro - a man worthy of praise indeed. But when we have true leaders in our recent history, such as Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Chris Hani, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Mmusi Maimane, FW De Klerk, Sdumo Dlamini, why do we need to look afar for leaders to respect and to emulate.

Had Fidel Castro’s parents decided to immigrate to South Africa rather than Cuba, Malema would be calling for the slaughter of their descendants, along with millions of others, based solely on the color of their skin. Racist hatred can be a difficult concept to navigate. Is the hatred just for white people or only for white people from South Africa only? Is there a sliding scale of sorts? Who decides which white people are privileged and who are not. Maybe just slaughtering the entire white population is the way to go. Do not take any chances that any of the white privileged may escape. Then again, let’s think of the 42% of the JSE that is foreign owned. What happens to foreign investors when the black population rises in South Africa to slaughter the white population? With huge foreign investment in South Africa, we currently have a 25% unemployment rate. What will the country have with zero foreign investment?

How many generations of white people must have lived in South African on order to qualify a white person to be hated simply because of the color of their skin? Is there a chart which we can review? Should we be wearing some form of identification in order that the haters can differentiate?

Now as to a previous article, I would hereby like to formally note a retraction in part. I noted in my previous article that “When the leader of the EFF threatens to slaughter the entire white pollution of South Africa, no one speaks out.” I was wrong. It was with pleasure that I read an article in which Mr Kenny Kunene was interviewed. It was posted in the Citizen newspaper in early November. Kenny spoke out and he spoke loudly saying:

“This is part of why I left the EFF. Malema used to make it clear how much he hates white people. He used to say the plan was to use white people and their resources to build the EFF until it could take power. Then when we are in power, we take everything from them. I warned people about this man at the Franschhoek Literary Festival last year. I was in discussion with Judge Dennis Davis, Richard Poplak and Fiona Forde. I warned them not to be fooled into complacency about this man. He hates white people. When he said he doesn’t want to slaughter white people … yet, that wasn’t a joke. That was the real Malema. When he said the white man mustn’t clap for the EFF, he wasn’t joking, that’s the real Malema talking.”

Given that this is from a founding member of the EFF, let’s pay it more than lip service and more attention than we have to date. Where we have not listened to warnings like these before, let’s listen now. We have the right to resist; if we do not exercise that right we are sleepwalking into oblivion. Malema recently stated that:

“We will not chase white people to the sea. We will give them [a] portion. We will share the land piece by piece. And you can’t own bigger than us … you are a visitor. Visitors must behave. They must know that the land belongs to people of South Africa … indigenous people of South Africa.”

Ngiyabonga Bra Julius, thank you for such a blessing. We fall to our knees before you and thank you for your gracious confirmation that you will not chase us into the sea. But is this because you believe that can slaughter all of the whites inland?

Kenny Kunene is a South African success story. He gets involved in politics, he throws punches, he kicks and he bites. He recently berated Derek Hanekom as being unpatriotic and possibly German. It is unclear which was meant as the worst insult. As tempting as it must have been, he kept race out of the argument. South Africa has a lot of room for political argument, a lot of room for success stories like Mr Kunene; it has no room for racism against black, white, brown or pink.

While Mr Hanekom reassured Mr Kunene recently that he has no German nationality, the talk of Germany made me think back to 1928; when there were many warnings about a young German upstart who threatened to slaughter all the Jews of Europe. No one really listened. How the world wished that it had. How prepared were the Jews for the rise of Hitler. How prepared will the white people of South Africa be for the rise of a white hating, genocide promising, narcissistic buffoon. We have time to resist and resist we must. If we choose not to, we may well be ruing our choices when the machetes are being sharpened.

Is this fearmongering; alarmist rhetoric with no basis in fact? Some may see it that way, but it is a trait of many South African’s black and white, to see only the silver lining and not the gathering storm clouds.

Giving comment to a recent article a responder wrote: “All whites are guilty of white privilege. Are you enjoying your life built on blood of Africans. You need to look at your own family history.” We are faced with many ignorant people who believe such populist hogwash. The flames of this hate speech are being fanned by politicians searching for an explanation for the failings and corruption of an entire government structure, and those such as our Mr Malema, who are driven by insatiable greed and rapacious envy, to hate with every fiber of their being. There is cause to worry, and that cause is valid.

We have one road to success, one road to a sustainable and prosperous South Africa – together – all cultures, colors, creeds, religions – we must be South African before we are black or white. We must resist hate: if not a bitter end is coming.

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