10 foods that whiten your teeth


INSTEAD of avoiding that glass of red wine or cosy cappuccino chomp on these too to get rid of stains.

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1 Apples

An apple a day doesn’t just keep the doctor away – it will keep your dentist happy too. Apples will strengthen your gums and keep your breath fresh because they increase saliva production that fights bacteria that can cause plaque and bad breath.

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2 Strawberries

They’re great in salads and on sundaes and also assist in removing tooth discoloration. Add them to your cereal, to your fruit salad or just cut them up for a refreshing summer snack.

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3 Oranges

A citrus boost from an orange is great for your teeth if eaten once in a while as it strips down stains. However, large doses can wear away your tooth enamel due to the acid. Wait at least 30 minutes to brush your teeth if you’ve had anything citrusy.

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4 Pears

Pears assist in fighting odours and stained teeth. As with apples, the increased saliva (which contains chemicals that break down food) brought on by the juiciness of the fruit will leave your teeth sparkling.

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5 Celery and carrots

These healthy snacks are great for your bones and eyes – and your teeth will benefit from a higher intake of these too. Celery and carrots will strengthen your gums and increased saliva production will whiten and freshen.


6 Seeds and nuts

Seeds and nuts are great little nibblers to get you through the day. They're full of protein, healthy fats and the tooth fairy will thank you as the nuts and seeds rub plaque and stains off the surface of your teeth.

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7 Baking soda

A great DIY household beauty tip is to make a baking soda paste for your teeth. Take a toothbrush and try brushing with this common household ingredient. Baking soda is a mild abrasive that works to scrub off plaque and surface stains from your teeth. Don’t rub too hard and if your gums feel irritated, don’t use it again.

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8 Milk and yogurt

Dairy products are your teeth’s best buds! As they’re high in calcium content so your teeth will be strengthened, making enamel healthier and whiter.

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9 Water

This should be unsurprising as water is great for just about everything, including your killer smile. Drink lots of water to keep your mouth hydrated, this will also put an end to bad breath. It also neutralises bits of food that may be stuck in between teeth.

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10 Pineapple

Bromelain, an enzyme in the tropical fruit, is a stain remover. It’s also an excellent natural way to break down dental plaque. -          Faiza Mallick (@MsFaiza) Share your thoughts:

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