10 really cool things you didn't know Google could do


Everyone knows Google as one of the most innovative search engines in the world but who would have thought that it counter as the perfect boredom buster!

Here are the 10 things you didn't know Google could do.

1. Do a barrel roll


If you type in 'do a barrel roll' , you'll see the search results page spin on its head.

2. Flip a coin, roll a die

Deciding who gets shotgun for the front seat is as easy as flipping a coin but what if you don't have a coin? Type in 'flip a coin' into Google and watch as either heads or tails comes up. The same applies if you're in need of a die. Type in 'roll a die' into Google and just hope to see your lucky number come up!

3. Solitaire/tic-tac-toe

Play a game of Solitaire or Tic-Tac-Toe by typing either of these into the search bar. Be careful not to get carried away as we all know that these are the kinds of games that have you lose track of time!

4. Zerg Rush


This is a gaming term that comes from the 'StarCraft' game. According to New Atlas, this refers to a point in the game where you are attacked by a large group of weak opponents that can kill you because of their numbers. When typing the words 'Zerg Rush' into the Google search bar, flying 'o' characters approach and you have to click to kill them before they kill all your search results! The counter in the top right corner keeps track of your score.

5. Atari Breakout


This is a classic single-player game where a paddle is used. To access the game on Google, you search 'Atari Breakout' under a Google Images search. The images then arrange into a grid of blocks for you to destroy by getting the ball to hit them from your paddle.

6. Pac-Man


Who doesn't know and love Pac-Man? If this doesn't scream throwback then I am curious to know what old school games you used to be immersed in! If you search Pac-Man, you get to revisit Google's May 21, 2010 doodle for the 30th anniversary of the arcade classic.

7. Super Mario Bros.


For all the Super Mario Fans, when you google 'Super Mario Bros', the right sidebar flashes a Mario block. Click on it and see what happens!

8.  Google in 1998


If you want to step back in time and revisit how Google looked in 1998, type the phrase 'Google in 1998' and get taken back to its humble beginnings. Don't worry, there is an option to bring you back to the present once you are there!

9. A Tribute to Three Dog Night


If you type in 'the loneliest number' in the search bar the result will come back as one - who would've thought! It is also a reference to a 1969 Top-5 hit on the US Billboard charts for the folk-rock band, Three Dog Night.

10. Bacon Number


This Google function has to be the most mysterious and amusing of them all. This one involves the concept of "six degrees of separation" - the belief that we are all no more that six degrees apart.

In this particular feature, no celebrity is more than six co-stars away from actor Kevin Bacon . To join in this supposed, er, fun, type in any actors name followed by the phrase 'Bacon number' and then you'll find out their degrees of separation. Definitely something to do when you are extremely bored!

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