Are You A Gossip?


Do you live for the next bit of goss or do you stay aloof no matter how juicy the titbit may be? Take our quiz to find out

[question title="After you overhear your teacher discussing a classmate, you:"]

[a weight="0"]Tell everyone in the class what you heard.[/a]

[b weight="1"]Immediately tell her all about it – in confidence.[/b]

[c weight="2"]Keep it to yourself and try to forget it.[/c]


[question title="When you see your best friend’s boy/girlfriend kiss another girl/boy, you:"]

[a weight="0"]Phone mutual friends and discuss it.[/a]

[b weight="1"]Agonise over what to do, and then do nothing.[/b]

[c weight="2"]Warn your friend, but keep it secret from others.[/c]


[question title="When you hear some really good gossip, you:"]

[a weight="0"]Blurt it out without thinking.[/a]

[b weight="1"]Tell just one other person in confidence.[/b]

[c weight="2"]Easily keep it to yourself.[/c]


[question title="Your friends and classmates confide in you:"]

[a weight="0"]When they’ve lost all sense of good judgment.[/a]

[b weight="1"]After swearing you to secrecy.[/b]

[c weight="2"]All the time and without a qualm.[/c]


[question title="When you hear nasty and false rumours about friends, you:"]

[a weight="0"]Pass them along anyway because it’s interesting.[/a]

[b weight="1"]Ignore the whole thing completely.[/b]

[c weight="2"]Are annoyed with the people who started it.[/c]


[question title="When a new classmate arrives, you:"]

[a weight="0"]Ask other classmates if they know anything about them.[/a]

[b weight="1"]Quiz them and tell them about your other classmates.[/b]

[c weight="2"]Ask them to sit with you at break and give them the lowdown on how things work.[/c]


[question title="School-yard gossip:"]

[a weight="0"]Is what makes school interesting.[/a]

[b weight="1"]Is something you always ignore.[/b]

[c weight="2"]Might reveal useful information.[/c]


[question title="When your friend tells you he/she lost his/her expensive cell phone, you:"]

[a weight="0"]Phone three friends and tell them all about it.[/a]

[b weight="1"]Sympathise and are secretly glad it wasn’t you.[/b]

[c weight="2"]Tell them to report it to the police.[/c]


[question title="During break two classmates are shouting and screaming, so you:"]

[a weight="0"]Listen in and report what you hear to other classmates.[/a]

[b weight="1"]Listen in but feel guilty about it.[/b]

[c weight="2"]Put on your earphones to drown out the noise.[/c]


[question title="When you’ve kind of dissed absent friends, you:"]

[a weight="0"]Decide that’s the best fun you’ve had in ages.[/a]

[b weight="1"]Feel a bit guilty, but think they probably do the same.[/b]

[c weight="2"]Feel ashamed and are horrified at your behaviour.[/c]


[question title="When your best friend breaks up with her/his boy/girlfriend, you:"]

[a weight="0"]Phone and hope she/he tells you all the intimate details.[/a]

[b weight="1"]Have already moved on to a newer item of interest.[/b]

[c weight="2"]Take her/him out and don’t talk about it at all.[/c]


[question title="If your teacher has to leave the class for a few minutes, you:"]

[a weight="0"]Catch up on class gossip.[/a]

[b weight="1"]Speculate on her personal problems.[/b]

[c weight="2"]Keep on working as usual.[/c]


[result max="8"]Blabbermouth

Admit it – you love to gossip! You know the inside story of every relationship break-up and classroom feud, and are quite happy to share your knowledge with anyone who asks. You may not intend to hurt anyone’s feelings but your unbridled curiosity and interest in other people’s lives can be seen as offensive. Think before you speak and learn to keep some of the less flattering goss to yourself or you’ll find yourself being dubbed a nosy parker.[/result]

[result max="16"]Born diplomat

You like to know what’s going on, and are not above having a cosy and slightly indiscreet chat with a friend, but you have a fine sense of what can and should not be passed on. You would never dream of encouraging backstabbing and other vicious rumours but have a healthy interest in the lives of the people around you. Friends trust you to keep their darkest secrets to yourself.[/result]

[result max="24"]Discretion personified

You don’t really listen to gossip of any kind. On the surface this attitude may seem virtuous but others may perceive you as uninterested or aloof. Have you considered that some gossip is actually beneficial? Paying attention to the grapevine can reveal the cause behind a classmate’s mood swings or warn you not to ask someone about their ex. Keeping an open mind (and an open ear) can be valuable for maintaining happy relations with friends and teachers.[/result]

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