Are you the star of your own life?


Are you the star of your own life?

Do you live like an A-Lister or hide in the wings?

Take our quiz and find out where you are on the scale

[question title="You’ve just received your exam results. When the teacher says “congratulations”, you reply:"]

[a weight="0"]“Thanks! I tried so hard and it was worth it.”[/a]

[b weight="1"]“I couldn’t have done it without my friends’ help.”[/b]

[c weight="2"]“I could have done better.”[/c]


[question title="Your mom asks you to run down to the shops. You:"]

[a weight="0"]Spend an hour deciding what to wear.[/a]

[b weight="1"]Don a T-shirt and jeans.[/b]

[c weight="2"]Go in whatever you’re wearing.[/c]


[question title="When you arrive at a packed party you:"]

[a weight="0"]Strut your stuff to the middle of the dance floor.[/a]

[b weight="1"]Go to chat to friends at the snacks table.[/b]

[c weight="2"]Stand in the corner on your phone until someone notices you.[/c]


[question title="It’s your birthday and you didn’t get the prezzie you were hoping for. What do you do?"]

[a weight="0"]Throw a tantrum – you can’t believe you didn’t get it![/a]

[b weight="1"]Feel a bit disappointed but reckon you can ask for it at Christmas instead.[/b]

[c weight="2"]Decide to save up for what you wanted.[/c]


[question title="Your family’s get-together and your crush’s pool party coincide. Your parents want you to stay with the family. What do you do?"]

[a weight="0"]Get into an argument but negotiate to go to both, even though your parents are disappointed.[/a]

[b weight="1"]Stay, but organise to see your crush in the evening when you’re allowed to.[/b]

[c weight="2"]Stay with your family – they’re more important.[/c]


[question title="A friend borrowed your iPod for a party and hasn’t returned it yet. You:"]

[a weight="0"]Call them and demand they return it. They’re never borrowing anything from you again![/a]

[b weight="1"]Ask about the party and how the playlist went down. Maybe they forgot.[/b]

[c weight="2"]Do nothing. You don’t need it right now so why cause a scene?[/c]


[question title="It’s between you and a friend for captain of the sport team. What do you do?"]

[a weight="0"]Start treating the team as if you’re captain to prove you’re the one for the job.[/a]

[b weight="1"]Ask your coach if you can both be captain.[/b]

[c weight="2"]Bow out. You don’t want your friend to be upset with you.[/c]


[question title="Your boyfriend/girlfriend forgets you have a movie date and is running late. You:"]

[a weight="0"]Cancel. How dare they forget they have a date with you![/a]

[b weight="1"]Go into the cinema – you’ll just tell them what they missed when they get there.[/b]

[c weight="2"]Are upset but tell them not to worry – you can make plans for another time.[/c]


[question title="You’re not invited to a party as your friends know you’re busy. You:"]

[a weight="0"]Ignore them for two days. They still should have checked if you wanted to come![/a]

[b weight="1"]Tell them you would have liked an invite because you feel a bit left out.[/b]

[c weight="2"]Don’t even think twice about it. You’re busy so who cares?[/c]


[result max="5"]Bright star

You may need to calm down in the allabout-me department. It seems you’re definitely the star of your own life and you make sure everyone else knows it. Try not to be too demanding though – you could alienate your friends.[/result]

[result max="11"]Medium wattage

You seem like a down-to-earth starlet – a good mix. Be sure you put yourself first sometimes though and let your pals take the spotlight at other times. Looks as if you’re doing well so far![/result]

[result max="18"]Just a twinkle

Talk about a pushover! Your inner star needs time to shine and it seems it’s not coming out any time soon. Sometimes it’s okay to prioritise yourself. If you don’t, you may miss out on opportunities that come your way[/result]

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