Crazy new trend sees women matching their nail polish to the colour of their food

It’s pretty normal for women to want to colour coordinate their outfits – but one bizarre trend sees them matching their nail colour to…well, what they eat.

The crazy concept was started by Alina Marie in January after she posted a photo on Twitter of her long millennial-like pink nails holding a piece of ham and a strawberry milkshake – and then compared the similarity in colour between the two. 

Her tweet got a surprising 10 000 likes and 200 retweets by fellow Twitter users that were highly intrigued with her creative comparison.

Although the self-proclaimed “queen of extra” posted the picture early this year, she recently added a new nail picture to her thread – this time showing the likeness between her nails and some bacon bits. 

And now it’s started a full blown thread…

Not too long after her recent post, other enthusiastic Twitter users have started replying to the tweet with their own nail comparisons with food and er, anything they could get their hands on. Literally!  

So if you bored of seeing the same old lifeless glossy nail pictures, then this peculiar new nail trend is definitely for you…