Disturbing video shows what happens to lungs after smoking 20 cigarettes


Please note this article contains graphic content. 

The online medical community MEDspiration recently posted a graphic video which shows how a humans lungs look after smoking 20 cigarette’s.

In the video the medical students take a healthy pair of lungs (presumably human lungs but it is not specified) and blow the smoke of 20 Marlboro menthol cigarettes through them.

After that comes the shocking reveal: one student cuts open the trachea and you can clearly see how the inside of the lung has gone from white to pitch black. The build-up of tar can also be seen.

Before long the video had been viewed almost 14 million times op Facebook. But eagle-eyed internet users were quick to point out problems with the experiment. Firstly this “person” (or set of lungs) is smoking 20 cigarettes, one after the other, without any break in between - also the experiment doesn’t show how the cigarette smoke is blown out.

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A recent study by experts at the University of Bristol found that each cigarette you smoke shortens your life by a full 11 minutes.

The study, which appears in America’s National Health Institutes Library, explains how they came to this number. The life expectancy of male smokers and non-smokers was compared, as well as the amount of cigarettes which the respective male smoker would smoke in his lifetime.

According to information from the American statistics office the difference in life expectancy between smokers and non-smokers is 6, 5 years. If the average smoke

r starts to smoke at 17, and smokes until his death at 71, he will have smoked roughly 5 772 cigarettes per year. That is a grand total of 311 688 cigarettes.

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Six and a half years is roughly 2 374 day, 3 418 560 minutes and if you divide that by the amount of cigarettes smoked you get a rounded off 11 – hence the outcome of the study.

Worldwide, millions of people smoke even though they know it’s dangerous. And even though we all know that cigarettes contain nicotine, which is harmful, they also contain many other dangerous elements. Cigarettes contain arsenic for example, which can lead to heart failure, and formaldehyde, which can cause throat cancer.

Smoking also irritates the lungs which lead to the production of excess mucus. It also kills the cilia – the little hairs in your lungs which hold onto oxygen. In some cases the mucus and toxic elements builds up in the lungs, which is why smokers often suffer from chronic bronchitis or a smokers cough.

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But the concept for the experiment was definitely an eye opener.

Long term smoking also destroys the normal lung structure; the elastic inner walls break altogether after time. It destroys the much-needed lung tissue which is necessary to take oxygen from the air and send it into the blood. This condition is known as emphysema and is found in most all long term smokers.

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