Focus, True Blood, focus!


Am I the only one . . . who’d like to get rid of a few characters in True Blood? I love this series, I really do, but there are far, far too many characters and occasionally the story loses focus as we have to check in on everyone. And just when a storyline is getting really good, we switch from cool vampire Eric to boring Sam or snarly Alcide. And I’m not only saying this because of my crush on Eric, I promise.

 What I am not loving this season

Either werewolf Alcide and shapeshifter Sam need to get better storylines or they need to leave town, but they are dull. Naked and dull. These two also seem to spend most of their time without clothes which apart from one cool scene where Sam turned into a huge horse, has become an annoyance. We get it, Alcide, you have an impressive six-pack; now put it away. I also don’t get the point of Sam’s new friend, Nicole, and I no longer care (though I do like her hair). Plus Alcide and Sam were friends a minute ago and now they are sworn enemies, which makes no sense, so they need to go away and Alcide can stop that silly growling.

Last season I wished troubled war veteran Terry would lose his fight with the Iraqi ghost in what has to be the second-worst storyline of the entire series (the maenad of season two was the worst). But after he was glamoured this season I started liking how fun he was, and he and Arlene looked like they would be a sweet couple. In fact, are you also wondering why no one thought of glamouring him to forget his awful war past before too? And just as I moved Terry to my “characters who can stay” list, he’s killed off! They should have asked for my “get rid of” list before this move.

I am close to putting Sookie on this list after that bizarre sex scene with her fairy-vampire stalker Warlow in the fairy realm. I had a fit of giggles when she dragged off the tied-up vamp’s pants which quickly became grossed-out gulps when she bit his neck so hard she was spitting out chunks of flesh. And just when you thought it was all too much, the glowing started. And immediately Warlow won his spot on my “get rid of” list. Just thinking about them has made me add Sookie too but I have written her name in pencil because it is after all pretty much her show.

Andy and his fairy babies are also a little unnecessary right now but I’ll reserve judgement and see where this story goes first.

What I am loving this season

Yay! Eric is himself again and a vamp with a plan. Season five had him mooching in the Authority’s lair unable to do anything while he watched Bill become unhinged and Lillith obsessed. But this season he’s taking charge, fighting the crazy governor who’s trying to wipe out vampires and even made himself a little baby vampire (true, it was about revenge, but I quite like Willa the governor’s daughter and she makes a cute vampire). And then he had to get captured so he could end up in Vamp Camp and save Pam. He really is a good maker.

Also loving how cool Tara is as a vampire. Tara the human was annoying but Tara the vampire has a purpose and is no longer just being kidnapped, tortured or dealing with her odd mother. All that anger she has dragged around with her from season one is perfectly channelled into her vampireness. She’s also rather sweet with Pam (who’s all cool and snarky again this season).  And I love how there’s a friendship developing between the baby vamps Tara, Jessica and Willa.

I also like the whole concept of the Vamp Camp and evil wacky Sarah. It’s making for great viewing and it annoys me when we have to leave the camp to check on Alcide who’s on some kind of annoying werewolf power trip or Sam who’s just looking confused.

There are only four more episodes left and then no more True Blood until this time next year. Twelve, long Eric-less months . . .

  • True Blood is on M-Net Series Showcase (channel 113) at 9.30 pm on Mondays.

- Natalie Cavernelis


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