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Men aren’t the only ones who can spoil a night out. Our relationship blogger  asked guys if they’d had bad experiences with dating websites.

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In nearly all my blogs I have shared the problems I have had with men I’ve gone out with, but believe me, there are always two sides to a date. Don’t think men don’t suffer too. In fact the stories I’ve heard about what happens to men on dating websites are as bad as mine.

There are the gold-diggers and man-chasers and love-obsessed whom you can’t get rid of. Weird souls and disturbed women who send nude pictures together with requests that you deposit money in their accounts.

A man says he once waited half an hour for his date. Eventually she turned up – with eyes bloodshot from crying. She’d recently lost her job. Later it came out that her job wasn’t all she’d lost; her husband had also left her. Yup, she hadn’t been single and her husband found out about her shenanigans on dating websites.

Apparently there are many women on the sites who are still married or have jealous boyfriends. Choose a woman who spells out clearly that she’s divorced, and beware of profiles that mention they’re separated. Sometimes she and her husband are still living in the same house.

There also seems to be plenty of women who develop insane obsessions. I’ve heard many stories about women who turn up uninvited at men’s houses or send hysterical SMSes proclaiming love and suggesting wedding dates after just one or two dates.

Clearly women aren’t always angels. Many woman have more baggage than the luggage storage section of a railway station, and some have had so many trains through their stations that their railway lines are positively tangled.

Like the woman who drank wine like water. Her date says she knocked back the wine so fast he ended up buying three bottles, from which he drank very little. It quickly became clear that she was completely drunk, and when she announced she had to fetch her children from school he offered to get her a taxi. He began to phone around and in that time she disappeared.

That wasn’t the last time he saw the insane wine drinker. When he was on his way home, he noticed there was drama at the police station: someone had crashed into a police van right outside the station. It was none other than the wine drinker. She later phoned him – not to apologise but to ask him out again.

Because the last time was so nice.

Illustration: WikiHow

Another man met a woman who was secretive about what she did and what she looked

like. But she agreed to meet him – in a parking lot.

“A parking lot?” I asked, shocked, when he told me the story. “Who meets someone in a parking lot.”

“Well, at least it was in front of the shopping centre where we were going and I just assumed she didn’t want to enter the restaurant alone,” he replied.

There was no sign of the secretive woman in the parking lot. He was about to drive off when there was a knock on his window. It was her – and she was ugly.

“She looked nothing like her photograph, but then again it was very small . . .”

Without saying a word she stuffed a piece of paper into his hand. He looked at it with surprise.

It was a “menu”. A list of the services she offered. And it wasn’t even typed up.

So, although I complain, I complain with compassion. Because I know on the other side of the fence, on the men’s side, the grass is equally green thanks to all the dung that gets strewn there.

-Erla-Mari Diedericks

Erla-Mari Diedericks is the author of the book Sin, Sushi & Survival and her latest novel, Still Standing, is now available in shops countrywide as well as at She also offers online writing courses. Click here for more information.

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