Have fun with flowers and leaves



  • Press leaves and flowers in a telephone directory and when dry glue them to a poster with masking tape. Decorate with crayons.
  • Let kids draw leaves they see in the garden on a large card poster with ­colour pastels. Lightly spray the drawings with hairspray so the pastels don’t run.
  • Make leaf prints: Clamp the leaf to a piece of paper or newspaper with a­ bulldog clip. Paint the top of the leaf with poster paint. Put the leaf on the poster, painted side down, and press with your hand to make a print. Lift the leaf and paint it again to make ­another print or discard it and paint another leaf.
  • Let your child glue a picture of herself on a smaller poster and frame it with leaves, pebbles, twig and other garden treasures.
Variation  Instead of gluing the leaves to posters you could arrange them in a portrait frame behind glass and hang the finished work in the child’s bedroom. DRYING FLOWERS

Lady-bug via Compfight cc

Flowers with thick leaves don’t dry out completely, so rather choose flowers with thinner leaves such as roses, pink star roses, lavender and heath. Cut the flowers in the morning after the dew has evaporated and the flower opens. Cut the stem as long as possible. Remove most of the leaves. Use string to tie the flowers into bunches and keep enough string to make a loop. Use the loop to hang the flower bunches upside down in a dry, cool spot. It will take a few months before they’re completely dried out. When they’re dry you can undo the knots. If you have a flower journal, you can paste them into the journal.

More ideas for dried flowers

  • Arrange them in a vase.
  • Paste onto a card.
  • Decorate homemade items such as jam jars.
  • Make potpourri.


1 Place a few old newspapers on a work surface.

2 Lay a clean piece of paper on the newspapers and place a fresh flower or leaf upside down on the paper.

3 Place another piece of paper or a piece of cling wrap over the flower, followed by another layer of newspaper.

4 Give your child the task of pounding the flower hard a few times

5 Lift the newspaper and top piece of paper, scrape the flower pieces away, and on the bottom piece of paper you’ll find a pretty piece of art that just needs to be dried out. Variation  If you place the flower near a corner, you can fold the paper into a beautiful card for someone special.

MAKING DAISIES (Makes 4 flowers)

You'll need

4 squares yellow crinkle paper, 18 x 18 cm each

4 squares orange crinkle paper, 18 x 18 cm each

4 squares red crinkle paper, 18 x 18 cm each

4 squares pink crinkle paper, 18 x 18 cm each

8 clothes pegs

1 A4 sheet tracing paper

4 squares light-weight white card, 20 cm x 20 cm each

glue such as Pritt and double-sided tape

pair of scissors

4 wooden skewers or ice-cream sticks

4 sturdy leaves from the garden

Here's how

1 Put the yellow paper squares on top of each other. Secure with two clothes pegs to keep them in position (see above left).

2 Repeat with orange, pink and red paper.

3 Draw a floral design on tracing paper.

4 Put the design on the yellow squares and cut out the flower, through all the layers.

5 Repeat with the other colours.

6 Put a dab of glue in the middle of one of the white card squares and press one yellow paper flower onto it.

7 Put a dab of glue in the middle of the yellow flower and press one red paper flower on top so the red petals are about 1 cm to the right of the yellow petals.

8 Repeat with other paper flowers until you’ve used all colours and have a circle. 9 Cut the leftover crinkle paper into 4 cm squares and roll into balls. Glue the balls in the centre of the flowers for pollen. 10 Cut out the completed daisy around the edges, ensuring you cut through the card as well to keep the flower rigid. 11 Secure a wooden skewer (stem) to the back of the card with double-sided tape. 12 Glue the real leaf to the stem. 13 Repeat with the remaining crinkle ­paper squares until you have four flowers. Plant the flowers in a pot.


  • Alternate the colours for the petals for the different daisies.
  • Make the daisies in one colour such as yellow with white pollen.
  • Omit the stem and write a message on the back of the card – it makes a lovely greeting card.

Source YOU Play Summer 2012/13

Art direction and styling Tina-Marié Malherbe

Production Marianne Burke

Pictures Peet Mocke

Models Georgia en Zoey van Infinity

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