Hit the beach


Kids playing bowls on the beach with water bottles

You'll need

water bottles half filled

with sea water

a few tennis balls

Here’s how

1 Line up the bottles on the sand. You could play with empty bottles though wind might blow them over. 2 Divide the kids into two teams and put them on opposite sides of the bottles. Teams should be the same distance away from the bottles. 3 The teams take turns to roll balls at the bottles to knock over as many as possible. An adult should time each team to see how long it takes for them to knock over all the bottles. 4 Each child in the teams has a turn. The round is over when all the bottles have been knocked over. 5 The winner is the team that has knocked over all the bottles in the shortest time. VARIATION Sand castle bowls Instead of water bottles, build sand castles. Pack wet sand into a bucket, turn it upside down and tap the bottom of the bucket to release the sand. Build 10 sand castles in a row and then bowl the balls at them.


Kids playing on the beach with a ball nico.cavallotto via Compfight cc

Now this is a messy – and fun – game. You could also play it in a swimming pool or in the garden.

You'll need

beach ball

baby oil or vegetable oil Here’s how 1 Rub oil onto the beach ball. 2 The kids should form a circle, or spread out inside a big square or circle drawn in the sand. 3 The ball must be thrown back and forth from one child to the other. Anyone who drops the slippery ball is out. The last person left in the game is the winner.


For 2 players. This is a beach version of the popular paper game noughts and crosses.

You'll need

3 shells

3 stones

Here’s how 1 Draw two vertical and two horizontal lines over each other in the sand so you have a grid of nine blocks. One player has the stones and the other the shells. 2 The first player places a shell in any block. 3 The second player places a stone in any remaining block. 4 The players take turns to place a stone or shell. Each one must try to form an unbroken vertical, diagonal or horizontal row of shells or stone while preventing the other player from forming their own row. 5 The first player with a full row of stones or shells wins.


Girls building sand castles on the beach

You'll need

A4 sheet of striped plastic (available at fabric shops) or draw stripes on paper



pair of scissors

old newspaper

glue stick

10 cm dowel for each flag

stapler (optional)

Here’s how

Rectangular flags

1 Use the ruler to draw rectangles of 16 x 6 cm on the plastic or paper and cut them out.

2 Place the flags on a piece of newspaper with the right side (pattern side) facing down.

3 Smear glue on the side facing up.

4 Place the stick in the centre of the rectangle with the top of the stick against the top edge of the flag.

b Fold the rectangle in half and paste down so the stick is held on the inside of the flag.

6 Insert two staples alongside the stick to make it extra secure. 7 Cut a triangle or zigzag pattern into the outside edge of the flag. Triangular flags Make as described above and instead of cutting a zigzag pattern, cut the flag into a triangle. Flagsarranged on deck TIP Use kebab sticks for the flags.


Boy carrying seashell mobile and heart Mobile

You'll need


dry seaweed

2 30 cm leather strips or string

small piece of driftwood

Here’s how 1 Attach a variety of shells and the seaweed to the string. 2 Tie the last shell firmly or knot at the bottom so it doesn’t fall off. 3 Tie the other end of the string to the driftwood. 4 You could attach a few more strings of shells and seaweed to the driftwood. Seashell heart

You'll need

seashells (gather pretty ones with holes in them)

50 cm flexible wire

pair of pliers Here’s how 1 String the shells onto the wire. 2 Ask an adult to help bend the ends of the wire together and shape it into a heart. You could make a circle or ­diamond shape. TIP Younger children can attach the shells to pipe cleaners. S

Source: YOU Play Summer 2012/13

Art director and stylist: Tina-Marié Malherbe

Production: Marianne Burke

Pictures: Peet Mocke

Models: Dané and Adrian of Kidz 2000 and Nyaradzo of Infinity Models

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