How fearless are you?


[question title="You see a learner from the grade below you being teased and bullied in the playground. You . . ."]

[a weight="0"]keep walking. The last thing you want is the teasing to be directed at you.[/a]

[b weight="1"]find a teacher and discreetly tell them what’s going on so you don’t have to confront the bullies face-to-face.[/b]

[c weight="2"]march up to the bullies, tell them firmly to stop and ask if the learner is okay.[/c]


[question title="You’re ready to hand your CV in to your fave clothes shop to ask for a part-time job, but notice the popular girl from your grade is already working there. You . . ."]

[a weight="0"]pretend you’re just browsing. It would be totally embarrassing to have to hand your CV to her.[/a]

[b weight="1"]decide to come back and hand it in when she’s not working.[/b]

[c weight="2"]walk in, say “Hi” to her and hand in your CV with a smile – she’s not poisonous![/c]


[question title="A cute guy in your grade smiles at you in maths class. You . . ."]

[a weight="0"]turn around to see if he was actually smiling at someone else and pretend to do your work.[/a]

[b weight="1"]smile back meekly and vow to talk to him one day soon.[/b]

[c weight="2"]go sit next to him and chat to him – you’ve got nothing to lose.[/c]


[question title="Your friends describe you as . . ."]

[a weight="0"]Really nice, but kinda quiet.[/a]

[b weight="1"]Loads of fun but tries to please everyone all the time.[/b]

[c weight="2"]Someone who sticks up for a mate each and every time.[/c]


[question title="You’re playing truth or dare at a sleepover with your friends. Which truth or dare would you normally choose?"]

[a weight="0"]Truth, but if it’s one you didn’t want to answer you’d probably end up pouting.[/a]

[b weight="1"]A dare, but you’d hassle your mates to downgrade it if it were too scary.[/b]

[c weight="2"]A dare to run up the street and back – stark naked![/c]


[question title="You’re home alone on a Saturday night, watching a scary movie. You think you hear a noise somewhere in your house. You. . ."]

[a weight="0"]freeze up with fear and call your folks to get them to come home.[/a]

[b weight="1"]don’t move from the couch till your parents get home.[/b]

[c weight="2"]check every room in the house for intruders and then settle back on the couch minus any fear.[/c]


[question title="You find out the new girl in your group has been talking about you behind your back. At recess you . . . "]

[a weight="0"]decide to sit alone, your friends probably don’t like you anymore.[/a]

[b weight="1"]pretend as though nothing has happened and chat to your friends.[/b]

[c weight="2"]call a group meeting and confront the new girl about how hurtful her behaviour is.[/c]


[question title="You’re at the hairdressers and your stylist suggests doing something new with your look. You . . ."]

[a weight="0"]say no – you’ve always had the same style and you’re scared she’ll make it look terrible.[/a]

[b weight="1"]ask her exactly what she’s thinking of doing and then tell her what she can and can’t do.[/b]

[c weight="2"]tell her to go for it! It’s about time you got a new, radical look.[/c]


[result max="4"]Scared Kitty

If fearlessness is a lion, then you’re surely a mouse! You avoid confrontation at all costs, even if it means you have to sit alone at lunch and rather than stand up to backstabbers, you start to believe what they’re saying about you is true. It’s time to start respecting yourself the way you deserve. Don’t be afraid to put your opinion across even if it’s different to others’ – they’ll respect you more for having one.[/result]

[result max="10"]Holding Back

While you’re not a scaredy-cat, you need a big push to try something outside your comfort zone. You tend to let opportunities pass you by – such as a chance to chat with your crush, or a cool job – because you’re worried you’ll look silly in front of others. It’s time to stop analysing everything and start doing the things you want. Take calculated risks and don’t assume people think the worst of you.[/result]

[result max="16"]The Lioness

Fearless is your middle name. You never let your nerves or insecurities get in the way of talking to a cute guy or taking up a new challenge. Your friends admire your confidence and you’re the go-to girl for a friend in need. You’re not afraid to speak your mind, even if it goes against what everyone else thinks. Just make sure you encourage people to speak up on their own – you can’t always be the brave one in confrontations.[/result]

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