Instagrammers transform themselves into human Bratz dolls

Lena Bagrowska. (Photo: Instagram/@lenkalul)
Lena Bagrowska. (Photo: Instagram/@lenkalul)

In the world of makeup, trends abound, from the strangely mesmerising to the downright bizarre.

Remember last year’s teeth nails?

Teeth nails- YAY OR NAY ? #nailsunnytutorial Video by @edo_movs

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Or the bizarre halo eyebrows?

Well, one of the first trends we’ve spotted this year is more appealing than it outlandish.

The Bratz Challenge is the latest beauty craze to take over Instagram and popular makeup artists and influencers are going to great lengths to mimic the iconic dolls.

Participants use makeup, clothing and accessories to recreate the looks of Bratz dolls, a popular toy from the early noughties.

Visual artist Martin Cantos regularly reinvents the toys by digitally altering their makeup and clothing and sharing the snaps with his 60 000+ Instagram followers.

His page is one of several participants in the Bratz trend turn to for inspiration.

“These beauty influencers would always re-post the photos on their page,” Martin told Business Insider.

“I guess that’s how I put [Bratz] back into the beauty community radar and got them and their fans inspired by the boldness and the endless options Bratz-inspired makeup can have.”

We’re totally here for it!