Kate Middleton super-fan reveals she's spent R80K copying royal wardrobe

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton

Student and self-confessed anglophile Saskia Moldenhauer (24) from Bochum, Germany, has always been fascinated by the magic of English culture and traditions and the royal family.

The royal enthusiast spends her time finding “repli-KATES” of the Duchess of Cambridge’s outfits and says the mom-of-three feels like a “big sister” to her. 

After watching a documentary about Prince William and Kate’s engagement in 2011, Saskia fell in love with Kate’s fashion sense and started to follow her outfit choices online where she soon discovered “repli-Kate-ing” – a trend where people are dedicated to finding copies of the Duchess of Cambridge’s outfits for themselves.

Since 2016 Saskia has replicated 20 to 25 outfits, spending more than £4 414 (R79 452).


“I was fascinated by England when I was a child and wanted to travel to London. I find the culture and English traditions wonderful and that includes the royal family for me,” she said.

“As for Kate, I feel like she's a big sister to me. She’s very disciplined, but she’s also a good mother and socially involved. And of course, she’s a fashionable role model. I like her naturalness the most.

“I have also become enthusiastic about her sense of style. It started with my dress having the same colour at my graduation ball as Kate’s Issa engagement dress – a deep royal blue and I also bought a replica of the engagement ring Diana wore.

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“At some point I discovered Instagram and realised I’m not alone with my enthusiasm for Kate and England. I like to interact with the community and I’m pleased that my hobby finds appeal there,” she added.

Saskia says her wardrobe for university has been given the royal look, saying she finds Kate’s casual wear perfect for lectures.


“Most of all I like casual looks because they can be easily integrated into my student life. Sneakers such as the ones from Superga, jeans trousers and a Breton top are very comfortable, perfect for university and they have a royal touch thanks to Kate.

“Every woman can look and feel like a princess.”

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The royal fan also loved Kate’s recent offering at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show and shared her thoughts.

“The garden looks really beautiful. I like the title "Back to Nature" and it's also fitting, as Kate has built in elements like a small waterfall. She said she hopes to inspire children and their parents with her garden, and she’s certainly succeeded in doing so, as seen by George, Charlotte and Louis,” she said.

Source: Magazine Features