Meghan’s inspiring a tattoo trend

Meghan Markle. (Photo: Getty Images/Gallo Images)
Meghan Markle. (Photo: Getty Images/Gallo Images)

Ever since Meghan Markle’s (36) relationship with Prince Harry (33) became known, the former Suits actress has been inspiring many a fan’s fashion choices. Her personal style is best described as smart casual – she often opts for neat suits or jeans instead of dresses. But it’s not only the new Duchess of Sussex’s wardrobe that’s causing a craze – many can’t get enough of her natural good looks.

There’s been a definite upswing in the popularity of facial tattoos – as fans are trying to emulate Meghan’s natural freckles. 

Gabrielle Rainbow, a tattoo artist in Canada, told New Beauty she’s been “crazy busy” since the royal wedding. And, she says, it’s not only women who covet Meghan’s freckles – there have even been some men.

But if this turns out to be a passing fad, not to worry – the tattoos are semi-permanent and last about three years. Each face takes about an hour to tattoo. Whatever next, we wonder?