Men and trouser issues



“Sir, those pants are much too tight for someone who’s planning to have a family,” Guy about Town heard someone say in passing the other day. “Your loins should be allowed to breathe.”

Of course few areas on a man’s body has as much sentimental value as that place that’s compromised by pants that are so tight they look painted on. Problem is these days it’s getting ever harder to find trousers that aren’t labelled skinny. Guy about Town’s research revealed that even good old long johns are sold as slim-fitting these days. It boggles the mind that even in the comfort of your own bed everything should be confined and bundled into a neat parcel which has you tossing and turning in misery at night.

That said, it’s heartening that someone has sat down and worked out that the average man doesn’t need two metres of fabric like army tents to wrap around his legs to call himself a man. Apart from an oversized, faded windbreaker and socks with holes in them, few things make a man look as shabby as oversized pants, reminiscent of the puffy undergarments worn by women in the Great Trek.

Of course the problem is that pants with legs wider than the N1 look unkempt from the outset, even if made out of the most expensive cotton or worn with an elegant designer shirt. If you’re living in Cape Town and the southeaster is doing its thing, you could be mistaken for a windsock.


We took to the streets in search of men who’ve mastered the art of wearing trousers without risking the crown jewels.

The young man in this picture appeared to be moving comfortably. The trouser legs are tapered to the bottom, yet the pants don’t hang like an overfull black bag on a wheelie bin. The golden rule is that your pants should fit comfortably around the waist so it doesn’t have to be anchored by a belt on the hips. Guy about Town believes trousers fit comfortably when they don’t drop to your ankles without a belt, and also aren’t so tight in the waist that it interferes with your breathing. This look is perfectly finished off with a nifty informal jacket and a T-shirt (More from Guy about Town soon on the perfect jacket.)

This is Guy about Town’s favourite look of the week. The colours complement one another perfectly. Light purples, greens and blues always go together well with mustard and light brown garments. The pants are cut somewhat wider around the legs but still fit perfectly and don’t collect like melted ice cream at the bottom. The wider leg is perfect for the latest military-like fashion trend: trouser legs tucked into boots. Guy about Town cautions: If you don’t want to follow this trend, make sure your trouser legs end somewhat wider so the top edges of your boots don’t ram into the fabric. Feel free to combine various textures (bulky jersey, cotton trousers and shirt) for a fresh appearance.

Now these are real skinny trousers. The legs are cut much narrower and it look like he was poured into the pants. Guy about Town has a similar pair and it's not uncomfortable but it's also not easy to put on. It's best not to wear it if you are going to be out until late as your legs will be desperate for some fresh air.

It’s a more narrow cut, but the photograph illustrates an important point: If your hands fit well into your pockets (not that Guy about Town is a great fan of hands in pockets), the waist of your pants is a perfect fit. Your thighs then move freely on the inside without friction. Take a leaf from this young man and roll up your trouser legs; one or two turns are enough. If you feel like rolling up your trousers all the way to below your knees, rather wear shorts.


Formal pants and suit pants are another story altogether! Look out for Guy about Town’s piece about formal wear.

Gentlemen, wear your trousers with pride. After all this also defines you as a man! Cheers, Guy about Town Guy about Town and his mate Metro Man blog for YOU about fashion ideas for men who want to look good and fashionable without spending the price of a mansion or look like a strutting peacock. Join in their discussions on Twitter (@stadsjaapinfo) andFacebook

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