Mom proudly shows off her cellulite and stretch marks in Instagram posts

Sarah Nicole Landry. (Photo: Instagram/@thebirdspapaya)
Sarah Nicole Landry. (Photo: Instagram/@thebirdspapaya)

Sarah Nicole Landry (34) from Ontario, Canada, struggled with body image issues after having three children by the age of 25 and reaching 102kg on the scale, Metro UK reports.

Despite eventually losing nearly 50kg, Landry felt even more insecure about her body.

The 34-year-old mom says she has to often remind herself that her worth isn’t dictated by her physical appearance, dailymail reports.

“Before, I felt so alone in having cellulite on my butt and scars on my stomach – no one was showing that on my newsfeed”

“I stopped following accounts that made me feel bad about myself and started looking at positive ones. It helped me to become less judgmental and changed my mindset,” she explains.

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Once a secret gets exposed, it loses its power. ? ? I’ve heard that quote a handful of times before and for whatever reason I always relate it back to my journey with self love. ? ? Because honestly? I felt like I was holding a secret. So much hate. So much misery. So much disgust. OVER MY BODY. ? I would cry over my pregnancy photos. I would cringe at the sight of my body in a mirror after weight loss. I would wear T-shirt’s and cover ups and never ever expose it. ? ? All of these heavy burdens. ? All of them, like a secret. ? ? Posting photos like this might be helping others. But more so, they’ve helped me. They took my secrets into the open. ? ? They lost their power over me. ? ? It was slow but steady, but began completely changing the fibre of my being. So much so, that I still can’t really fully grasp my joy around it. ? ? When I snapped this photo today, I was fascinated. Not ashamed. Not disgusted. ? ? I felt powerful, almost majestic. The human body is sooooo freaking cool, with built-in expanders to allow us to change and adapt, go through puberty, bear children, grow muscles and so much more. ? ? And we sit here and we criticize it for a job well done. ? ? I just don’t want to do that anymore. ? ? I want to take my secrets, my burdens, and my shame, and I want to expose them. Not to set THEM free, but to set ME free. ? ? And I want to HONOUR my body, thank it and love it. ? ? For a job well done. ?

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In snaps shared on Instagram, Landry sports black underwear showcasing her figure and dismisses trolls who send her nasty comments online.

“There was a fear that people would think I look disgusting.

“My body is this way for a reason, and I don't have to keep perfecting it. Being less than perfect was terrifying before, but now it’s not.”

Landry says she wants to encourage women not to judge one another and to understand that body positivity is a choice about one’s own body.

“Celebrating body positivity shouldn't be a one size fits all – not just plus size, thin, fit girls or others. It should be for everyone.”

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