Oh Huck, you need a hug and a cupcake


Am I the only one . . . who wants to give poor Huck in The Fixer a long hug (well, a pat on the back when he was in his smelly phase) and maybe bake him a big batch of chocolate cupcakes or something? I feel so sorry for that torture expert; I sometimes find myself so distracted by his sad face I forget to concentrate on the fast-paced conversations going on around him.

Huck played by actor Guillermo Díaz

Season two of The Fixer wraps up this week and my head is spinning with all the political intrigue, backstabbing, torture, lies and mysterious moles in crisis manager Olivia Pope’s world. If I’m handing out gifts then Olivia needs to get a lovely, relaxing day at a spa after her phone has been pried out of her tense hands. Her head and the political world will probably implode if that happens though. But this woman needs a break; even the most powerful woman in Washington needs to take her shoes off and not worry about the world, and without fear of being spied on by gorgeous men with multiple TV screens to see you better.

Huck though looks like the kind of guy who’s permanently watching his back. That episode a week or two ago when they showed how he became a top torturer and ended up in a dungeon at the mysterious B-613 black-ops organisation just about broke my heart. And then when I thought I wouldn’t actually shed tears, his little son innocently ran up and gave his hairy, homeless daddy a little cash, not realising he’s giving it to his father.

A homeless hairy Huck gets spare change from his son.

And right then I wanted to hug him. And it seems others feel the same way. Guillermo Díaz, who plays Huck, told TV Guide people do want to hug him! “Huck is so broken and he always looks like he’s on the verge of a breakdown so I think people just wanna show me some love.”

And he’s also never sure what his character is going to be getting up to in an episode. “I’m nervous every time we’re going to start a new episode, because I never know if I’m going to have to be naked, if I’m going to be waterboarded, if I’m going to have to walk into a house where everyone’s dead, and have to have these emotions ready. You just never know what’s going to happen. Am I going to be shooting a gun? Firing up a drill? I’m pretty comfortable with all the power tools now!” he told entertainment site vulture.com.

Abby, Quinn and Olivia

He’s also the only who doesn’t seem to talk quite as fast as the other characters. Sometimes I find myself holding my breath as Olivia, Abby, Quinn/Lindsay (Quinnsay?) and the others chat at the speed of lightning. It’s something the show’s creator, Shonda Rhimes, did on purpose. “Part of the pace was born of me not wanting actors to linger in the moments, in the sense of it’s a world in which everyone is really incredibly busy, and there’s no time to feel your feelings,” she told entertainment website eurweb.com. “So part of it was that. Part of it was that I wrote a pilot that was, like, 75 pages long (and they needed to fit it into the time of one episode).” It seems to be something she really likes though because the characters in her other show Grey’s Anatomy also speak as if they’re on a super-tight deadline.

Husbands James and Cyrus

Speaking of Grey’s Anatomy, I was curious to find out more about Dan Bucatinsky, who plays James, Cyrus’ husband, in The Fixer, after he won an Emmy for outstanding guest star in a drama series and discovered he’s one busy guy. He’s also a writer and consulting producer on Grey’s and is Lisa Kudrow’s writing partner on her series, Web Therapy. He also wrote a bestselling book, Does This Baby Make Me Look Straight?, about adopting kids with his husband, screenwriter Dan Roos, and according to The Hollywood Reporter Shonda Rhimes is making a TV series based on his book. Dan actually auditioned for the role of Huck. Yup, I can’t imagine him as Huck either and neither could he. “I remember that we all sort of agreed I wasn’t right for the part, but they were going to find something for me to do,” he told entertainment site Buzzfeed.

Now we’re gearing up for the finale of season two and will finally know who the bloody mole is (Is it Cyrus?! Wait, maybe it’s Mellie?!) and how exactly the US president figures he can just divorce his wife and take up with his mistress . . .

Get ready for two episodes tonight!  Season three has just started in America and M-Net says we’ll probably see it early next year.

• The Fixer is on M-Net on Mondays at 8.30 pm.

PS: Homeland season three starts next Monday in The Fixer’s timeslot.

-Natalie Cavernelis

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