PICS: This modelling agency is challenging beauty stereotypes by only representing people over 45

PHOTO: Instagram/oldushkamodels
PHOTO: Instagram/oldushkamodels

The fashion and beauty industries haven’t been the most forgiving when it comes to being inclusive of people over a certain age. 

According to Buzzfeed, there’s always been an unspoken rule that the younger you are when you’re discovered, the better your prospects of making a successful career of modelling.

But recently the two industries have been at the forefront of breaking beauty stereotypes and becoming more inclusive which has been evident over the past few months, with designers choosing to use plus-size models or models with disabilities to showcase designs.

But one Moscow-based agency has taken it a step further by exclusively representing models over the age of 45!

Oldushka’s oldest client has recently celebrated turning 85.

For founder Igor Gavar, this came as an extension of a photography project he started, capturing the images of retirees’ street style and featuring them on his blog of the same name.

“Beauty, it’s a quality that becomes more valued with years.

“Appearing as themselves is an instrument to fight stereotypes. They’re an inspiring example to show that it’s possible to look beautiful and be your age,” Igor told Vogue.

Take a look at a few of his breathtakingly beautiful models.

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