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Calvin Petersen (25) walked away with the Mr Personality title at this year’s Mr SA competition earlier this month and Guy About Town was not at all surprised. Calvin has a unique approach to things: including his personal style. In this, the first edition of StyIe Icon, Guy About Town asked Calvin how he always manages to look so effortlessly fashionable. Calvin also shares some of his favourite looks. Calvin, you were a Mr South Africa finalist. Do you think style had anything to do with that? Yes, definitely. I believe your style reflects who you are, your emotions, your thoughts, interests and values. Everything on the outside is a reflection of what’s inside you. And if you feel good, you’re going to look good. What defines style? You must be able to portray who you are through your personal style. If you feel comfortable with yourself, your style will automatically reflect it. Do you think money plays a role in your style? No – money can’t buy style. With all the suppliers around today, provision is made for every market. You don’t always have to have the most expensive of everything to look good. With the correct combinations for the occasion, anyone can look good. What defines your unique style? It’s important for me to always feel comfortable in what I’m wearing. In a corporate environment, more formal, and outside of business, it depends on the occasion. Comfortable and modern . . . You best clothing purchases ever? My leather jacket and a tailored suit. Your top five tips for any young man who wants to look good?

  • Be comfortable with what you’re wearing
  • Have self-confidence
  • Take the occasion into account
  • Take care of yourself
  • Watch the trends
Which do you prefer?

Jacket or pullover? Pullover Button-up shirt or T-shirt? Button-up shirt Long trousers or shorts? Long trousers Formal or informal occasions? Formal occasions Do you just get up in the morning and decide: today I’ll wear my blue shirt and khaki trousers? Every day is a surprise for me too. I think it depends on your mood, what you’ve got scheduled for that day and so on. What are your most comfortable clothes? T-shirts, jeans and flip-flops. I love that beach feel . . . Calvin’s style Guy About Town takes a look at some of Calvin’s fashion choices. Gentlemen, take notes.

The secret to wearing denim

We’ve mentioned before there are few items of clothing that can be worn so correctly and incorrectly as the denim shirt. The problem with denim shirts is they don’t fit easily with everything. We’ve also noticed people have a tendency to combine denim with denim. It hardly ever works, unless there is a clear contrast between the colours of the fabrics. In this look, Calvin succeeds by combining very contrasting denims. An interesting belt buckle rounds off the look well. Also note Calvin’s hairstyle is neat and creates a good balance with the roughness of the rest of the look.

Combine textures for a good look

This selfie showcases our favourite look. Combine it with a chunky, neutral pullover and a simple T-shirt and even the Queen of England would invite you to the palace. Neutral colours give the impression of self-confidence because they don’t scream: “Look at the flamboyant red I’m wearing . . .” Calvin excels at rounding off the outfit with his knitted cap and striking belt. This outfit is perfect for late-afternoon meals with friends, a morning shopping or a night out with the guys. Again, as we’ve said so often: combine textures for a winning look . . .

Get the summer clothes out

It’s summer, guys. Summer is all about shorts, light shirts and fabrics that allow you to breathe. Calvin combines knee-length shorts with a long-sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up. We say put away those thick winter shirts because you’re going to overheat even if you roll the sleeves up to your armpits.

Guy About Town tip: hold your shirt in front of a window. If you can’t see light through the shirt it’s too heavy and wintry. Thin fabrics that allow you to breathe are perfect for the beach or the pool. Follow Calvin’s example and hang a light pullover or a light scarf around your shoulders for a slightly different look. It’s also trendy to knot your long-sleeved pullover around your hips, as kids used to do in the ’90s.

Throw in a little winter too

Not all of us will be able to look this good in this outfit, because not all of us have arms like cannons. Calvin combines a body warmer with an interesting check design with a light denim. What’s important is that you fasten the body warmer, unless you wear it under a simple jacket for a layered look. We would also have recommended shorts with this outfit. Yes, although it sounds a bit weird, combining items of clothing from different seasons is fashion news. It has to be done carefully, however. Uncle Jim’s tweed jacket may not really fit in . . .

Power of the collar

There are few things that get Man About Town quite as excited as an interesting collar – and the sort Calvin is showing here is big fashion news. Patterned fabrics are still trendy, and Calvin again succeeds in combining light and dark colours. This is definitely another of our favourite looks.

Suits and paisley

Calvin shows us how a formal suit should be worn: Perfectly finished off with a white shirt that works well with the chunky tie knot. Paisley has been resurrected from the ’80s this season and is now on a wide range of fabrics. But Guy About Town recommends caution unless you want people to stare at you in disbelief or wonder if you’re blind. A subtle paisley pattern such as the one on Calvin’s tie is sufficient. Pocket squares will always be a style winner and there are various ways of folding them.

And Guy About Town’s biggest no-no (besides ugly socks) is to fasten all the buttons on a formal jacket. Follow Calvin’s example and fasten only one. ALWAYS.

Style icon! Indeed.

We’re impressed with Calvin’s versatile outfits. This young man knows how to create an impression. “Comfortable” and “striking” are the two words that best describe his wardrobe.

-Guy About Town and Metroman

Guy about Town and his mate Metro Man blog for YOU about fashion ideas for men who want to look good and fashionable without spending the price of a mansion or look like a strutting peacock. Join in their discussions on Twitter  and Facebook.

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