This new nail trend is causing a stir on social media – and we’re not sure how we feel about it!

Nail art.(Photo:Getty Images/Gallo)
Nail art.(Photo:Getty Images/Gallo)

Moscow-based nail artists Nail Sunny recently shared a bizarre video on Instagram featuring their new nail trend: nails that look like feet.

 “Feet Nails. Yay or Nay,” they captioned their post.

The nail artist creates the look by filing a set of false nails to create the shape of toes. The nail then is painted a pink flesh tone.

Once the nail polish is applied on the toes, the nail artists puts it under a UV lamp to dry, Metro reports.

Instagram users were quick to comment on the rather unusual manicure.

“Imagine seeing someone crouching down and walking their hand in the sidewalk like,” said one user.

“What in the newborn baby toes is going on here?!” said another.

But this isn’t the first time these nail technicians have tried something bizarre.

On Kylie Jenner’s 21st birthday, the popular nail salon wished the make-up mogul a happy birthday by sharing a picture of her and her baby Stormi as nail art.

“@kyliejenner Birthday nails mood, Happy Birthday Kylie,” Nail Sunny captioned their post.

Would you give this new nail trend a go?

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