Throuple get candid about their polyamorous relationship

 Rosie Haley and her husband Ty started dating Keneshia Petty (Photo: asiawire,
Rosie Haley and her husband Ty started dating Keneshia Petty (Photo: asiawire,

Just two months after Rosie Haley (24) and her husband Ty (23) started dating Keneshia Petty (23), they asked her to move in with them.

Since then the throuple have taken their relationship to the next level and despite their families not being wholly accepting of it, the threesome want to tie the knot and are attending couples’ therapy.

High school sweethearts Rosie and Ty from Brisbane in Australia always knew they belonged together. The loving couple tied the knot in 2014 when they were 18 years old.

A few years later, when Rosie was 22, she came out as bisexual to Ty. Instead of calling it quits on their happy and successful relationship, they decided to open their marriage to find a woman they could both fall in love with.

In 2018 the pair joined online dating site Tinder and matched with student Keneshia Petty (23) in May.

After a few weeks of talking, Rosie and Ty both went on separate dates with Keneshia – and they all hit it off immediately.

They decided to form a throuple and have been inseparable ever since, with Keneshia moving in with Rosie and Ty after two months of meeting.

“I really like having more company in the house. I liked being able to have someone that I could live alongside – and I was in awe watching her take over the kitchen,” Rosie explained.

The three, who’ve since been in a polyamorous relationship where they experience more love, decided to take their relationship to the next level when Rosie proposed to Keneshia.

Even though Ty was deployed to the Middle East, he joined in on the romantic moment on Skype and when he returned in February, he also proposed to Keneshia.

“I was completely and utterly taken by surprise when Rosie asked me to be her wife,” Keneshia said.  

“I’d been talking about marriage for a little while but both of them, Rosie and Ty, had convinced me it was something that was a future event and not a possibility anytime soon.  

“The tears came hard and fast when Rosie asked me, and I remember nodding while she slid the ring on my finger,” Keneshia added.

Not every member of their respective families has been accepting of their relationship.

“My parents don’t necessarily understand, but they’ve been willing to meet Keneshia. And when they did, they were happy to see how happy she’s made me,” said Ty.

Rosie, on the other hand, revealed that while her parents witnessed how happy she was in her polyamorous relationship, her grandparents wouldn’t acknowledge Keneshia when they first met her.

“My grandparents and a few other family members were completely disapproving and wouldn’t even acknowledge Keneshia when I took her to meet them.”

Keneshia’s parents have also been supportive and her friends have taken a keen liking to her partners.

“All my friends though? They didn’t stop loving me. And they’ve all, without fail, made my life with Rosie and Ty absolutely beautiful knowing I have their support and love,” she said.

Ty and Rosie are planning to marry Keneshia in 2020 and hope to have children together one day.

Source: Magazine Features