TV couples that should hook up


Am I the only one . . . who loves a good “will they or won’t they” TV relationship? Season five of Castle starts on M-Net Series Showcase this week and I can’t wait to check in with one of my favourite TV couples, mystery novelist Rick Castle (played by the super charming Nathan Fillion) and tough police detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic). They finally, finally hooked up at the end of last season and I felt like cheering after four seasons of trying to mentally will them together. But now I hope they can make it work because Caskett (Castle and Beckett) would be good together solving crimes and making each other happy.

I confess I am a shipper, I love agonising about the possibility of a new couple. The term “shipper”, to quote the Urban Dictionary, means “a person who wants two characters to get together and/or shows support for two characters already together. The term “ship”, derived from the word “relationship”, came from the X-Files fandom, when fanfics were written about Mulder and Scully. The fans then called themselves shippers. It quickly spread and is now the title a person gives themself if they believe two characters should or will be together.”

So if you remember rooting for Maddie and David to get together in Moonlighting or cheering when Sam and Diane started dating in Cheers or Angela and Tony hooked up in Who’s the Boss? in the ’80s then you are either a shipper or understand the appeal of a good ship. Maybe you cheered on Ross and Rachel in Friends who finally got together after almost 10 years (though we had to learn what being on a break meant first) or Carrie and Big in Sex and the City, after weeping with her when he avoided her calls and left her at the altar. And Glee fans would have to mention Kurt and Blaine who are just the perfect couple; they even have a combined name, Klaine.

There are tons of couples who have made me happy (Barney and Robin in How I Met Your Mother was a genius move and it was sweet when Urkel and Laura in Family Matters got together) or broke my heart (I cried buckets when it was clear the Doctor and Rose could not be together in Doctor Who) and others who just frustrate me with their inability to share the love (yes, I’m looking at you, Ziva and Tony in NCIS).

It’s hard to pick favourites but I tried.

Here are three of my favourite couples who finally (sort of) get together

Pam and Jim in The Office: He liked her from the start, she was engaged to someone else (that guy in the warehouse), he started flirting, she started flirting, finally he told her how he feels. They got married and had kids. I want to add “and lived happily ever after” because I am sure they will now that the series has ended.

Buffy and Angel in Buffy the Vampire Slayer: They were the original human girl falls in love with a vampire story before Bella and her sparkly vamp arrived. Sadly Angel lost his soul when the two of them consummated their relationship, and then tried to kill her. He got his soul back but she had to kill him to stop the world ending. He came back but they could not be together, without probably needing to kill each other at some point. Sigh. I’m getting weepy just thinking of this poor couple, but in the end vampires don’t make good boyfriends.

 Peter and Olivia in Fringe: Things got complicated for Polivia. They fell in love, Olivia was replaced by Fauxlivia from the alternate universe (if this does not make sense to you, you really need to watch this wonderful sci-fi series), the right Olivia returned and then Peter was wiped from existence! But he came back because, as one of those creepy Observers said, “I believe you could not be fully erased, because the people who cared about you could not fully let you go. And you could not let them go. I believe you call it . . . love.” I am slowly working my way through the final season on DVD and finding it hard to say farewell to this couple.

Three not-yet couples I am rooting for

Emily and Jack in Revenge: They belong together; he could heal her and she needs someone she can trust. Come one, Emily, he loves you. Jack knows you and he loves you.

Mike and Rachel in Suits: Mike is an idiot who is messing things up, and Rachel is just perfect for everyone’s fake lawyer.

Olivia and Fitz in The Fixer: They can’t be together but they must, they just must. The way they look at each other breaks my heart. Yes, he is the American president and she’s his on-again, off-again mistress, and yes, his wife just had a baby, but in a perfect world they would be together.

& Castle season five starts on M-Net Series Showcase (channel 113) on Tuesday 9 July at 7.30 pm.

- Natalie Cavernelis

Natalie Cavernelis is a copy editor at YOU and loves TV, her toddler and husband, sometimes in that order.

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