7 local male celebrities with seriously impressive grooming routines

PHOTO: Getty Images
PHOTO: Getty Images

From Kim K’s vampire facials, Halle Berry's coffee grounds trick and Lady Gaga’s purple shampoo, we’ve long been obsessed with the beauty secrets of beautiful, famous women.

But the men have some cool tricks up their sleeves to keep themselves looking sharp and fresh!

We caught up with some of our local celebs to find out what their can’t-go-without grooming routine are.

5FM presenter, Nick Hamman

“For me, smelling good is the most important thing and moisturising all of my body parts is essential, especially in the dry Gauteng winters.”

Actor, Jason Willemse 

“Shaving, because my beard doesn’t grow a lot. I’ve got a baby face and that’s my trademark so I can’t look older, so shaving is definitely a must, I can’t go without it.”


Comedian and influencer, Lasizwe

“Shaving down there and my hair and my beard. You’ve got to be clean. But the boyfriend must have beard.”

TV personality, Chris Jaftha

“Well, I think it’s very important to groom. I do regular facials and peels and I take care of my hands and feet. The only thing I wouldn’t do are my brows.”

Singer, Jethro Tait

“I think it will probably have to be my hair, that’s something I do every day. I usually start with wet hair, put a bit of mousse in, dry it, put some wax or a clay and then some hairspray. It’s quite a process.”

Celebrity stylist and image specialist, Francois Louw

“I’ve got several, but the one thing is using a toner. It makes my products work better and helps with the PH balance, so I have the full scope of the product. I tone every morning, every day.”

Musician, Mo-T 

“Shaving my moustache, I always feel like I need to be fresh and cleanly shaven.

“I’m not a guy with a beard, of course, but the little moustache I do have, I still take care of it. Also, my hair, it must always be neat and nicely trimmed, which I do like once a week.”