Channing Tatum suspects an app on his phone might have been listening in on his therapy sessions

Channing Tatum. (PHOTO: Getty/Gallo Images)
Channing Tatum. (PHOTO: Getty/Gallo Images)

Cape Town - Channing Tatum has a sneaky suspicion his phone is spying on him!

The 39-year-old actor took to Instagram on Friday to talk about his experience using an astrology app called The Pattern, E! Online reports.

According to the app’s description it is “a social network that helps you better understand yourself and connect with others on a deeper level" after you provide the app with your birth date and time, FOX News reports.

"How do you know what you know about me, Pattern? People of The Pattern, people that use The Pattern, you need to DM me right now and tell me how you know this stuff. I don’t even know if I want to know this stuff . . . I don’t know if anybody should know this stuff,” he said in the video.

Clearly spooked, Channing said the app was using the same language he used while in therapy.

“I was just in therapy yesterday . . . yeah, I’m in therapy, whatever, everybody should be in therapy . . . and I just get a notification on my phone this morning. Pops up, and, using the exact words we were using in therapy,” the Smallfoot star explained.

Somehow the app is able to send users personalised summaries of their life that’s eerily accurate simply by knowing your birth date, time and location, Buzzfeed reports.

In his online rant, Channing said he suspected the app might be listening in on his therapy sessions.

"Is the phone listening? Are you listening through the phone, Pattern? AI? The algorithm that is The Pattern? Are you listening through my phone and just regurgitating the stuff that I'm afraid of?"

The star concluded his post by asking the company to call him.

"If you know so much, you know how to get in touch with me, now don't you? So just do that. I need answers. Right now."

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