Chester Bennington attempted suicide 9 months before his death

PHOTO: Getty/Gallo Images
PHOTO: Getty/Gallo Images

A previously redacted autopsy report reveals that Chester Bennington had alcohol in his system when he died.

The report also discloses that the Linkin Park frontman had a failed suicide attempt nine months before he died – he hog-tied himself and jumped in a pool.

The suicide attempt had been recorded in the original autopsy report, but was redacted at the request of Bennington’s wife, Talinda, TMZ reported on Tuesday. She invoked marital privilege to redact the information.

In the report, the coroner wrote, “Autopsy findings are characteristic of suicidal hanging. There was a history of suicidal ideation.”

Chester died of suicide by hanging in his home in Palos Verdes Estates, California, on 20 July this year. His body was found by the maid when she went to his room to inform him that an Uber had arrived for him.

The new report is now available in a PDF document and contains a section from the police officer who was first on the scene, according to Rolling Stone.  

A dresser in the room where Bennington committed suicide contained a prescription for generic Ambien with one pill broken in half. The section that says who the prescription was made out to was blacked out prior to publication of the coroner’s report. The officer also wrote that there was a glass of beer less than half full, as well as an empty beer bottle. 

Bennington left no suicide note.

Talinda told the police Bennington tended to get suicidal thoughts after drinking, but she also told them that he’d been sober for six months prior to his death.

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