Comedy lovers are in for some rip-roaring laughter this Easter weekend!

Trevor Gumbi. (Photo: Supplied)
Trevor Gumbi. (Photo: Supplied)

Comedy lovers are in for some rip-roaring laughter this Easter weekend and beyond as The Comedy Mash Up hits Durban and Johannesburg.

Hosted by Donovan Goliath in Durban, the stellar line-up includes comedy greats such as Robbie Collins, Rob van Vuuren and Nina Hastie plus local favourites Jem Atkins and Nonto R.

The Comedy Mash Up will take place on at The Globe at Suncoast on the 20th April 2019.

But for those fans in Johannesburg, the show will also be hitting the Lyric at Gold Reef City on the 10th of May.


This time around, the show will be hosted by Donovan Goliath, and this night of hilarities will include comedy greats such as Conrad Koch & Chester Missing, Trevor Gumbi, Nina Hastie, TolA$$ Mo and rising star of comedy, Lindy Johnson.

YOU caught up with some of the performing comedians and asked them: “If you could mash up with anyone on stage, who would that be and why?” Here’s what they had to say:

Nonto D:

It would be Kevin Hart. I think he’s one of the funniest comedians at the moment. He works so hard and he’s easily funny.

Donovan Goliath:

It would definitely be Jerry Seinfeld. I’m such a huge fan of his wit and observations. His ability to take the most mundane things, find relatable details in them and make it super funny is unbelievable. 

Nina Hastie:

I would do a stage mashup with Catherine Tate because I love her characters. I think she’s one of the best sketch artists in the world. I think we could do some pretty good work together. I love her.

Rob Van Vuuren:

I would choose exactly the same people as in Durban this weekend! I mean have you seen the line-up? It’s amazing! Why would you ruin the perfect comedy line-up by bringing some dead people along? It would freak a lot of people out, there would be the smell and I’m sure it’s probably illegal. No thanks, I’ll stick with the living comedy genius I’m going to mash up with already.

Jem Atkins:

Ryan Reynolds. Deadpool. He’s the funniest “non-comedian” performer I know. His ability to improv and natural comedy talent surpasses almost any other actor I know of.

We’d do an improv show just talking and making fun of anything and everything and everyone in the audience and it would be hilarious.

Trevor Gumbi

American stand-up comedian and roast master Jeff Ross, “cause I love his comedy and the fact that there aren’t any sacred cows for him. He goes for anybody and everybody”.

Lindy Johnson

I'd have a mashup with Oprah because her sincerity and wisdom will help me become a better performer, which would be better for all of us really.