Gordon Ramsay criticised after interview of him objectifying Sofía Vergara resurfaces

Gordon Ramsay. Photo. (Getty images/Gallo images)
Gordon Ramsay. Photo. (Getty images/Gallo images)

Johannesburg - The celebrity chef has come under fire this week after a 2010 interview during which he and Sofía Vergara were guests on The Tonight Show made the rounds online, E! Online reports.

The pair were both featured on the show which was then hosted by Jay Leno, and Gordon continuously made inappropriate sexual remarks about the Colombian beauty, Metro reports.

In a skit for the show, the Modern Family actress was seen shouting in her dressing room, apparently appalled at the dish of spaghetti before her and when the interview took place she asked Gordon and host Jay if she frightened them with her yelling.

"I never scream like that in real life. It was all acting,” Sofía said.

To which the chef replied, “Only in the bedroom?”

The Hot Pursuit actress looked uncomfortable, but that wasn’t the end of Gordon’s lechery.


When Sofía spoke about how she doesn’t enjoy running, Gordon quipped that she’d knock herself out, referring to her breasts.

And later in the interview Gordon playfully slapped her on the thigh, to which she replied, “No touching.”

Both he and Jay also appeared to enjoy mocking her accent, belittling her on the show.

“This man doesn’t respect me,” she said at one point.

The theme of the entire show seemed to be the objectification of the actress, but Sofía has spoken out about how she doesn’t let the comments of men get to her anymore.

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