American Pie star Jason Biggs’ wife Jenny reveals she dropped their son on his head

Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen. (Photo: Getty/Gallo Images)
Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen. (Photo: Getty/Gallo Images)

Cape Town - Hollywood star Jason Biggs (40) and his wife, Jenny Mollen, had a terrifying experience recently which saw their son needing emergency care.

Describing what happened to their son, Sid, in a lengthy post on Instagram, Jenny (39) wrote: "On Saturday evening I dropped my son on his head causing him to fracture his skull and landing him in the ICU."

Jenny further thanked the nearby hospital for their "immediate response and aid".

"Thank you to all the nurses, neurologists, paediatricians, residents, cafeteria staff and brave women that keep the visitor’s bathrooms clean. Not sure how this post turned into an Oscars acceptance speech . . . But @biggsjason Thank god for you! Thank god, thank god, thank god."

Jenny, who shares another son, Lazlo (18 months), with the American Pie actor, went on to reveal that after a "traumatic week" Sid is back at home where he’s "recovering nicely".

"He’s also eating a lot of chocolate dipped ice cream cones and plans to try cherry dipped soon. My heart goes out to all parents who have or will ever find themselves in this kind of position. You are not alone . . ."


Many mothers responded to Jenny’s post confirming that she’s not alone and also shouldn’t feel guilty – that accidents do happen, Daily Mail reports.

"As parents we try our best but things can go south in a split second. Thank you for sharing," wrote one woman.

Celebrity pals also added their support on Instagram with actress Krysten Ritter writing: "Oh my god Jenny that’s so scary and I'm so sorry you guys are going through this."

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