Meghan fan has freckles tattooed onto her face to emulate the royal


Cass Montgomery (27) has had her cheeks tattooed with freckles in order to look like the Duchess of Sussex.

Tattoo artist Jaclyn Schultz (35), from Saskatchewan, Canada, sees clients pay over R1 700 for a full face of tattooed freckles.

Jaclyn prefers to use a microblading technique to tattoo her clients to give them a natural freckled look.

“Freckles are one of those things, a lot of people who have them hate them and those of us who weren’t lucky enough to be born with them really want them,” Jaclyn explained.

“Tattooed freckles started trending about two years ago and they seem to keep getting more popular.

“I currently charge 199 Canadian dollars (R2 015) for a full face of freckles, on the cheeks and nose.

“The entire procedure takes about twenty minutes unless the client wants numbing and then it takes an additional twenty minutes to numb the area.

“I use the tip of a curved microblade which I find gives the most natural results. Machine work is too uniform, and I find they look more like little dots rather than the natural look of freckles,” Jaclyn said.

Cass has had the procedure done twice after loving the outcome so much.

“I wanted to be the subject for something new and exciting with microblading freckles,” Cass said.

“My advice for anyone thinking of getting this done is to do a test on your arm first to check you like it and pick a colour suited to your skin colour.

“At first, they’re prominent, but after a few weeks they’re absolutely perfect.”

Although subtle and natural looking, these micro-freckles are still a facial tattoo so it’s not a decision to be taken lightly.


Sources: Magazine Features