Suzelle’s DIY flower crown is the cutest way to celebrate Garden Day

PHOTO: Screenshot
PHOTO: Screenshot

YOU caught up with Suzelle DIY whose make-it-yourself flower crown is the perfect accessory to wear this Garden Day (14 October) which sees South Africans celebrating their beautiful gardens.

Suzelle, tell us what is so great about wearing a flower crown?

“Well, you know it’s so easy to make, and it’s so in vogue now! It’s not just something a model on the catwalk wears it everyone can wear it from kids to tannies! And lets face it, it adds freshness to your day! The fragrance of Spring literally follows you around. And don’t be scared to wear it anywhere, from picking up the kids to dinner parties. It will really put you in a good mood.”

If people don’t have a garden, where can they get flowers?

“They can buy of course, but anywhere in Nature. You know fynbos is everywhere. Also people can make flowers out of paper or even recycled plastic bags. You know you can really mix it up and have lots of pops of colour.” 

Out of 10, how would you rate your gardening skills?

“I give myself a 9! I love gardening, even though I don’t have a big garden. I actually only have a bit of lawn and a patio, but I have lots of pots.” 

What do you like to grow?

“I like things that are useful, so like herbs, veggies and fruits. And also because of the water crisis I’m now starting a rockery.”

If you could give yourself a flower name, what would it be?


Are you an insect lover or killer?

“I’m definitely an insect lover. I’m very mindful, I make a herbal, organic insecticide with the help of Mariaan, she is a very good gardener. But don’t show me a slug then I get Mariaan to take it away.”

Your friend Tali (Julia Anastasopoulos, who plays Suzelle DIY’s latest impersonation] who lives in Sandton, does she like to garden?)

“No, not at all, she does not know what is going on. She hires a garden service.  

What are you doing on Garden Day?

“Me and Mariaan, we are just going to relax in my garden with friends. We’re going to pick the vegetables I have in my garden, marinate and then braai them. Of course we’re going to wear our flower crowns, in fact I’m going to have a DIY station where people can make their own flower crowns.”