The Bachelor SA’s Andeline on her exit from the show: ‘I hadn't quite developed feelings for him’

Marc Buckner and Andeline Wieland (Photo: Instagram/Mnet)
Marc Buckner and Andeline Wieland (Photo: Instagram/Mnet)

Twenty-four-year-old Andeline Wieland might have seemed terribly anxious in her last episode of the Bachelor SA, but she’s adamant it was all to emphasise respect among the female contestants during the competition.

It’s tough for anyone to have to compete for a man you hope to have a happy ending with, but Andeline says she’d do it all over again.

“Marc [Buckner] didn’t really spend a lot of time with me – I had one quick breakaway date and then it was mainly just group stuff, so I don’t think that he really got to know me,” Andeline told YOU.

“I think I left the house at a point where I was feeling neutral about him. I hadn't quite developed feelings for him because it was early days for me. I left feeling like I wished him well. I’d definitely do it again if I had the chance.”

Andeline believes adopting “the slow game” worked in her favour and protected her from getting hurt, as she didn’t feel involved with Marc by the time she left the show.

“My strategy was like: ‘Andeline, you need to be yourself . . . at the end of the day, whether you go home or stay, you want to know you did all you could to be the best you’.

“I’m a very introverted person, quiet and analytical . . . before I get infatuated I want to see if it makes logical sense and will be fine if it it’s just him and I,” she explained.

“Considering that so many of the girls were more out there and flamboyant . . . that obviously attracted him more and is totally fine. It's his preference at the end of the day, no matter if I put in more or less. Those other girls just had a completely different strategy,” she added.

Thinking back on the Bachelor SA experience, Andeline says that having for the first time to form a relationship with a man not in her own age category has helped to broaden her horizons.

“What was good about the whole process was that I’ve never dated someone older than me. It was really daunting in the beginning knowing like jeez this guy is 37, that’s a lot older than me. But what really helped was realising that you can date older,” she said.

But this isn’t the first time Andeline has broken up with a guy because of a lack of sparks or chemistry.

“I think it wasn’t that emotional for me because I've had that before with an ex-boyfriend where really everything was perfect, nothing was wrong, but after four years we broke up . . .

“At the time I was stung but I know who I am . . . whoever ends up standing by my side eventually will appreciate that about me – but they have to choose me first.”

Andeline has been single for two years and while she’s still open to love, she’s in no rush to accept someone who doesn’t meet her standards just so she can have a man to call her own.

As a young girl her father used to advise her about the kind of man she should look for and these days the 24-year-old still adheres to the standards her dad recommended.

“So the three things I’m looking for in a guy is that he must love me, he should be hardworking – I don't mind what work you do but you have to be passionate and ambitious – and, lastly, you have to love God. It’s important for me to have someone with the same values.”

Andeline is quite definite about the kind of partner she sees herself with and, having been on the show and pursued a relationship with Marc, she feels she’s gained insight into what kind of woman he’s most likely to end up with.

“I think he likes someone who’s a good blend of sexy, sweet and a little shy. I think he likes that but also someone who’s not afraid to speak their mind. So I think that’s why he’s still into someone like Pasha [Dos Santos]. She’ll tell him straight how she feels and I think he appreciates such honesty.

“Right now I would definitely say he and Pasha have a lot of chemistry and have a lot in common. He seems to understand her . . . I think that’s great.

“Rikki [Brest] is great in terms of age compatibility, I think she’s very well balanced and centered. Bridget [Marshall] is also growing on me and I think she’s got the best banter.”

Having played a part in keeping the audience entertained in the reality show, Andeline is looking forward to being equally enthralled as part of the audience, and excited to watch and see who ends up winning Marc’s love.



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