Woman goes viral after singing stunning rendition of Shallow on subway

Charlotte Awbery
Charlotte Awbery

Pranks don’t always go as planned, and this one has stunned social media.

Charlotte Awbery was stopped by social media comedian Kevin Freshwater on a subway station in England, asking her to take part in a ‘finish the lyrics’ challenge – one of his popular Facebook pranks, Daily Mail reports.

The song in question was Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s duet, Shallow, from A Star is Born.

Charlotte quickly obliged and hit all the notes, belting out the lyrics perfectly and showcasing her incredible voice.

The clip has since gone viral on Facebook with more than eight million views, according to Today.

Kevin, who’s also a YouTuber, said he was incredibly impressed with her performance. “I was blown away and lost for words,” he said.

“I’m grateful that I have a platform to be able to showcase her amazing talent to the world.”

Charlotte, who happens to be a professional singer, has since gained more than 125 000 Instagram followers – and counting.

Source: Daily Mail, Facebook, Today, Instagram