Woman who gets confused for Meghan Markle hopes to become her official lookalike

PHOTO: Gallo Image/Getty Images
PHOTO: Gallo Image/Getty Images

A hairdresser who’s constantly being mistaken for Meghan Markle says she can’t wait for the “Big Day” in hopes that she’d be mistaken for the future royal even more.

Ashleigh Ridding (20), from Bristol, England, started being told she looked similar to the former Suits actress after her relationship with Prince Harry started making headlines.

"I started hearing the comparisons when Prince Harry and Meghan got together,” Ashleigh says.

"Especially when it hit the headlines and was on everyone's phones, people would say ‘Ashleigh you look so similar to her' which I loved.”

The 20-year-old claims she has similar shaped eyes, hair and lips and is also mixed-heritage like Meghan.

"I’d say my facial features make me look like her, I'm also mixed race, and I’m half-Jamaican from my mother's side and generally look like her.

"We have similar hair, skin tone, lips and my eyes are the same colour and shape. There are other similar facial features too,” she says.

As the royal romance story continues, Ashleigh’s friends, family and strangers notice her amazing likeness to the UN gender equality advocate. She even entered a show on Britain’s ITV channel to become a professional lookalike for Meghan.

“My mum was the reason why I entered a competition on Lorraine [the ITV show]. My mum told me I had to enter, so I did.

"I was in the finale and a runner-up to the entrée who was given a full-time contract. I was still pleased with the result.

"It was the best experience being treated like princesses all day on the TV. It was such a great experience,” she says.

Ashleigh, who’s a trainee hairdresser, has played the role of a princess many times at children’s parties and she too hopes to find her knight in shining armour.

"I worked for a children's party company for a little while, where I dressed as a princess so I have experience as princess already.

"While Meghan has found her Prince Charming, I'm hoping to find mine too,” says the 20-year-old.

After hearing the engagement announcement earlier this week, Ashleigh simply can’t wait for the wedding next year.

She also revealed she’s obsessed with each detail that trickles in about Harry and Meghan’s nuptials.

"As soon as I saw the engagement was announced I wanted to hear all the details. She looked stunning and her coat was beautiful,” she says.

"I want to extend my congratulations to Meghan and I look forward to the wedding."

Source: Magazine Features