Your stars today

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ARIES March 21-April 20 ***

The Moon’s in your solitude zone, so you’re in the mood for some quiet reflection. Life’s busy but find the time for rest and relaxation, otherwise your stress levels will go through the roof.

TAURUS April 21-May 21 ***

Overseas friendships are favoured today Bulls, as you expand your peer group to include an international new crowd. But resist the temptation to butt heads with an authority figure.

GEMINI May 22-June 21 ****

Get your skates on Gemini and go, go, go. The stars favour being creative, proactive and practical – an interesting juggle. If anyone can manage, it’s a versatile, multi-tasking Twin!

CANCER June 22-July 23 ***

Cool down and conserve your emotional energy Crabs. It’s a good day to put concentrated time and energy into connecting with foreign friends via email, video chat or social networking.

LEO July 24-Aug 23 ***

Find the time to phone a family member and have a good long chat, as you’re keen for up-to-date information. Coupled Cats – surprise your patient partner with a special romantic gesture.

VIRGO Aug 24-Sep 23 ***

When it comes to close relationships, the more you put in; the more you’ll receive in return. Spending quality time with loved ones will leave you with a warm inner glow today Virgo.

LIBRA Sep 24-Oct 23 ***

Inspirational quote for the day is from birthday great, primatologist and anthropologist Jane Goodall. “Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes a difference.”

SCORPIO Oct 24-Nov 22 ***

Jump out of your cosy comfort zone and shake up your daily routine Scorpio! The stars encourage you to do things differently, as you banish boredom and initiate positive changes.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 23-Dec 21 ***

Is honesty always the best policy? You’re in the mood to rock the boat and be even more open and honest than usual. But is everyone ready for your special brand of Sagittarian truth serum?

CAPRICORN Dec 22-Jan 20 ****

Communication is the buzz word today Capricorn. The stars urge you to find creative and practical ways to connect with those around you - especially at home and within your local community.

AQUARIUS Jan 21-Feb 19 ***

When it comes to friendships, there’s no room for procrastination … the more proactive you are, the better. Cash-strapped Aquarians – find creative ways to increase your cash flow.

PISCES Feb 20-March 20 ****

Positive Moon/Saturn aspects boost your intuition … plus your ability to put creative ideas into practise. Putting time and hard work into a group project will bring long-term rewards.


Today’s stars encourage feeling more emotionally settled.


You are funny but you can also be very self-absorbed. 2019 is the year to become more involved with loved ones, friends and colleagues.

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