Awesome adventure: We asked six kids to review Jeff Kinney’s new book

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We asked six young YOU readers to read the book and tell us all about it. (Photo: Supplied)
We asked six young YOU readers to read the book and tell us all about it. (Photo: Supplied)

Close your eyes and try to imagine the sight of 200 million books – that’s how many of Jeff Kinney’s novels are in circulation worldwide. Kids can’t get enough of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid ­author’s stories about the escapades of besties Greg Heffley and Rowley Jefferson.

To mark the release of his latest, Rowley Jefferson’s Awesome Friendly Adventure, we asked six young YOU readers to read the book and tell us all about it.

Awesome Friendly Adventure
Awesome Friendly Adventure by Rowley Jefferson's.

This is what they had to say.

What’s it about?

Talayah Isaacs (11): It’s based on how Greg and Rowley make up a fantasy story about Rowley’s mom being kidnapped by the White Warlock.

Kealyn Pottier (11): It’s a story within a story, which gives it a sense of mystery. I couldn’t guess where Rowley would take the story next.

How does it compare with Kinney’s other books?

Emily Rhodes (9): I think it’s better because it has more detail and adventure. It’s more ­exciting.

Cian Amaral-Bull (11): It’s written as more of a story than a diary and it’s more creative and adventurous.

Liam Matthews (11): I have the whole series and it isn’t as funny as all the other books but it was really entertaining. I couldn’t put it down.

What did you enjoy most about this book?

William van der Poll (11): My favourite parts were with Garg and Roland [Greg and Rowley’s fictional selves] and the supernatural creatures.

Talayah: It had a lot of twists and unexpected turns and the pictures are drawn well. I also ­enjoyed Rowley’s eagerness to have adventures and how Greg always has ideas about how to make money.

Emily: The thing I most enjoyed was that it took you into his imagination and you felt like you were really there with the characters.

Kealyn: I enjoyed that Rowley for once got to be the star of the book and the fact that the vampire had a double curse.

What was the funniest moment in the book?

Emily: When Roland’s mother came riding through the floor with an angry face on a ­seahorse and she saved him but he was ­supposed to be saving her.

Talayah: How Rowley always believes what Greg says. For instance, Greg told him that “no offence” means the other person can’t have hurt feelings. But Rowley’s dad was pretty mad when Rowley told him, “No offence but your breath stinks.”

William: When Roland said the elf’s breath smelt like “mint dipped in honey”.

Cian: When Roland and the one-eyed wizard got to Medusa’s cave and there was a note ­saying she’d gone off to New York to become a model.

Why would you recommend this book to other kids?

Kealyn: I’d recommend it because it’s the type of book that makes you laugh throughout.

So even if you’re feeling down you’ll feel better ­after just a few pages.

Why do you love Kinney’s books so much?

Talayah: They make me laugh and cry at the same time because they’re gross but also ­funny. It’s as if you’re reading someone else’s diary but with pictures and awesome descriptions.

Emily: I love his books because they’re such a weird family much like mine.

Liam: He knows how to entertain kids my age. He knows what we find funny.

Who do you feel you have more in common with: Greg or Rowley?

Kealyn: I relate to Greg because I always have these outrageous ideas that never seem to work. I have a best friend named Tyler who you can say is my Rowley. He helps me put my plans into action and we have so much fun doing it.

William: Rowley. He’s a sweet character who always looks out for his friends. He’s funny and silly like me.

Emily: Greg because he’s so naughty and he does things that really could get him expelled from school and sometimes I wish I could just do that.

Liam: I think I relate to Rowley more because he’s a sensible, caring person and he always tries to do the right thing.

Cian: I feel I have more in common with Rowley. He has a creative imagination like me and he’s artistic.

Talayah: I’m more like Rowley because I’m a good friend. 



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