Local DJ helps woman deliver 'healthy baby girl' on the side of the road - and keeps father calm

DJ Jazzy D (Photo: DJ Jazzy D Instagram)
DJ Jazzy D (Photo: DJ Jazzy D Instagram)

DJ Jazzy D – also known as the Groove Master – witnessed what he describes as a "magical moment" on the eve of Women’s day.

The popular DJ was driving on the R55 road in Pretoria, on his way to an event, when he delayed his journey to assist a woman that had gone into labour.

"It was round about 22:10 when I saw a car parked on the side of the road and two men running in two separate directions," Jazzy told YOU.  

But it was the woman, who was sitting on a blanket next to the car and using a wheel as support, that really caught his attention.

"It was roughly 13 degrees that evening, so I rolled down my window and asked one of the gentlemen if they had a problem," he recalls.

"My wife is having a baby," one of the men told the DJ.

It was there and then that he knew he had to do something to help the woman.

"When I got closer to the woman I could see she looked a little distressed but surprisingly enough, she remained quite calm."

The 46-year-old, who’s no stranger to child birth after witnessing the delivery of his two children, tried to reassure the woman that everything would be okay.

"In a state of shock myself, I reached for my cellphone to get hold of emergency services but because we were in a dead zone there was no reception."

At this point, Jazzy reveals, the baby had already started crowning and the only option was to deliver the baby.

"I stepped away from the woman for a moment, trying to gather my thoughts and calm the two men we were with. But moments later, the woman said to me that she thought the baby was finally out."

Awestruck at what had just happened, he asked the woman if he could open the blanket and make sure the baby was alright.

"There she was, a healthy baby girl, umbilical cord still attached to her mother and now crying. I just couldn’t believe my eyes, in that moment I experienced so many emotions but most of all I had so much respect for the mother of this new-born.”

Jazzy says the woman managed to successfully detach the umbilical cord herself.

"Words can never describe the kind of resilience that woman had, to give birth by herself and detach the umbilical cord without placing her baby in harm’s way – will forever be etched in my memory."

Eventually they went their separate ways, with the husband taking his wife and newborn to the hospital.

Although Jazzy arrived late for his gig he couldn’t help but share the inspiring moment with his fans.

“After I wrapped up my gig at 05:00 I called the husband to find out if they were okay.”

Jazzy said that he was told the newborn was healthy, but the mother was left fatigued from the labour process.

"I was so pleased. Women are truly the underrated heroes of this world and for that to have happened just a couple of hours ahead of women’s day, is something I cannot explain," he says.

"Never underestimate women, they are power!"

The radio show host went on to encourage men to participate in birth and labour exercises or courses.

At any time, at any moment – anything could happen it’s so important to be educated as a man when it comes to these things."

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