Adorable maternity shoot for owner and dog who are both expecting


After discovering she was pregnant with her first baby, Melody Wells (33) and her husband, Eric (51), both wanted to capture the adorable moment.

But when they learnt their German shepherd, Ryder, was also expecting they included her and their other dog, Tango, in their adorable shoot.

The couple from Florida in the US hired photographer Kelly Matthews to capture the moment.

“We thought it would be a funny spoof but it actually turned out to be something very cute,” Melody says.

“They both really enjoyed getting involved and as Ryder and Tango are a big part of our lives it seemed like the right thing to do.”

Kelly got the two couples together at Royal Palm Beach when she was eight months pregnant and Ryder seven and a half weeks.

The couple, who own a dog-training business, have had the pooches since they were puppies and have trained them to become detection dogs.

“Both dogs absolutely love working so they enjoyed it very much,” Kelly says.

“They live to work and have a job, they’re not just pets.

“Tango has been in several commercials and print ads for various products and productions so he knows how to work the camera.

“I had a lot of fun on this shoot. I’d absolutely love to do more. Animals are a big part of our lives so we should celebrate their achievements too.”

The pair have agreed to keep two puppies from the litter to train and grow up with baby Wells, who’s due in April.

“Although we’d love to keep them all we know these dogs have an important job to do and we want them to go on and have successful lives,” the mom-to-be says.

“Of course Tango and Ryder will always have a special place in our hearts and I hope the puppies go onto to be as successful as their parents.”

Sources: Magazine Features