Check out this 6-year-old boy’s hairdressing skills!

Jiang Hongqi. Photo. (Facebook/newsflare)
Jiang Hongqi. Photo. (Facebook/newsflare)

Though it’s not certain that Jiang Hongqi is the world’s youngest hairdresser, one thing’s for sure: the six-year-old has mad skills with scissors, blow-driers and shavers.

Don’t take our word for it – ask any of the young fellow’s clients or 1,5 million followers on Chinese social-media platform Kuaishou.

Hongqi, from Suining in China’s Sichuan province, grew up in his parents’ hairdressing salon and has been learning the trade since he was four. Though he needed help when he first started, the miniature master stylist now cuts, blow-dries and shaves like a pro. He even cuts and styles his own hair!

“He does better work than any ‘professional’ I’ve ever paid. Maybe I should call him – I need a new stylist,” one social-media follower writes.

“I need to get advice from this boy’s parents,” writes another one. “Such a hard-working, patient child. I looked at my own child – and he was playing video games.”

As another puts it, “When I was six I ate sand.”

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