New mom completes 14-step make-up look during labour

Lee Ann Jarrell and husband. (Photo: Facebook/Lee Ann Jarrell)
Lee Ann Jarrell and husband. (Photo: Facebook/Lee Ann Jarrell)

A first-time mom spent an hour perfecting her make-up, while having contractions, only to pause when the pain became too severe.

According to TV3, Lee Ann Jarrell (22) insists she’s not vain – she simply wanted to look her best.

Lee Ann filmed herself painting and perfecting her face on the day of her daughter Olivia’s birth, to show Olivia the importance of loving yourself enough to want to look good.

Her obsession with her appearance ruffled quite a few feathers but the 22-year-old, who’s from Louisiana in the United States, justifies her actions by explaining all she wanted was a confidence booster.

“I just wanted to look glamorous in the pictures of me giving birth – to look picture perfect,” she said after the birth.

“Even if I was sweating, I knew if I saw myself in the mirror, I’d think ‘You look good’.”

Around 2am, merely hours before being induced at St Tammany Parish Hospital in Covington, Louisiana, the YouTuber started on her eyebrows.

“They always need to be symmetric and perfect. Afterwards I packed my make-up bag, laden with 20 brushes and the other products I needed to make me look good.”

Two hours later, at 4am, she got to work on her picture-perfect delivery look.

Her husband, David Jarrell (36), was beside her the whole time and even though he insisted she looks good, Lee Ann refused to believe him, Daily Mail writes.

“David said I was beautiful the way I was and didn’t need to cover up all the time, but I felt real pressure from the girls looking so perfect on social media to look the same.”

She adds that while birth may be “the most natural thing in the world”, it doesn’t mean your face has to be.

“Birth is a beautiful thing for a woman, the most natural thing in the world, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look good yourself, wanting to add some sparkle.”

She started with a primer, then went on to foundation followed by a concealer, setting powder and face powder.

The make-up lover then sculpted her cheekbones by contouring. She applied blusher and highlighter, then created a smoky eye before applying lip liner and lipstick. She rounded off her look with more setting powder and additional face powder.

She explained that she was having contractions throughout, and had to pause from time to time when the pain became too much.

Finally, an hour after completing her look, her water broke and she gave birth to Olivia at 12.44pm on 14 December 2017.

Her face beat might have been all levels of fleek, but it was after delivering her beautiful baby girl that Lee Ann realised how good she looked with her bare face.

“I realised I should be confident being natural and bare-faced. Now, I can happily go without a full face on. But before I had my little girl I wouldn’t even let my husband see me without make-up.”

But even though she’s embracing her natural self now, she doesn’t regret anything and firmly states that all she was doing was loving and caring for herself – something she wants her daughter to understand.

We guess she didn’t mind suffering for beauty?