These are the most popular baby names of 2019 in the US so far

PHOTO: Getty Images
PHOTO: Getty Images

While traditional options continue to be picked by parents, quirky baby names have soared in popularity in 2019!

Nameberry has revealed their top 10 girls’ and boys’ names of the year.

The website compiled data from its 11 million page views and surprisingly, Posie came out on top for girls.

Nameberry described Posie (a variation on Posy and a shortened version of Mariposa) as a charming vintage floral name, such as Poppy and Marigold. Although it has never ranked among the US Top 1 000, it took Nameberry's number one spot in 2019.

Milo is the new number one boys’ name.

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Here are the top five baby names for girls and boys in the US in 2019:


1. Posie

2. Isla

3. Olivia

4. Aurora

5. Maeve


1. Milo

2. Jasper

3. Atticus

4. Theodore

5. Asher

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