7 benefits of cutting down on sugar


There are all sorts of hidden sugars in everyday foods, and research shows that most of us are consuming much more than we should. In the new YOU Low Sugar magazine, we delved deeper to find out what effects too much sugar has on our bodies and what we can do to curb it. Cutting down isn’t an easy process, especially for the sweet-toothed! But with the expert advice in this magazine and some willpower we can do it together – and you’ll see the positive effects on your body! Here are some of the benefits of lowering your sugar intake.

Beat the bloat

While it makes your favourite treats tastier, sugar is just empty calories with no nutritional value. Cutting down on processed treats and sugary drinks will help you reduce unwanted belly fat for that summer-ready body.

Glow up

The sugar in your diet has a negative effect on how your body repairs your skin. It increases pimple breakouts and makes your skin look aged. Luckily, it’s not too late to start cutting down. With some TLC and smart alternatives, you’ll have more beautiful, younger-looking skin.

Improved dental health

Sweets, chocolates, carbonated drinks and juices are loaded with sugar. This creates a build-up of acids in your mouth and forms cavities in your teeth. Protect your pearly whites by lowering your intake of the not-so-good-stuff.

Strengthen your willpower

Stand firm in cutting down on sugar and you’ll find it increasingly easier to resist reaching for that midday chocolate. Once your body gets used to not having sweets, when you start snacking again, you’ll realise how sweet your favourite treats really are  – and eventually, it will be even easier to quit than you’d think.

Sustained energy

Say goodbye to sugar lows and hello to stable energy levels. Sugar causes drastic highs and lows in blood sugar levels. Once your blood-levels are regulated, you’ll get through your day without that horrible slump. It may be hard at first, but your body and vibrant mind will thank you later.

Sweet slumber

Snacking on a sweet treat before bed gives your body a short-lived energy boost that lasts just long enough to ruin your sound rest – you’ll wake up feeling tired! Limit those bed-time snacks and rest easy.

Save money

Only you know how much you spend on sugary treats – that chocolate on the go, energy drink, etc. Quitting sugar will help you save a pretty penny and no doubt benefit your hip pocket.

For more health benefits and helpful ways to cut down on your family’s sugar habits, check out our very own YOU Low Sugar magazine. Because we know quitting sugar is no easy feat, we’ll help you slowly transition with 95 recipes for satisfying sweet treats with less sugar. To secure your copy head to youstore.co.za and we’ll have it delivered conveniently to your door. We’re sweet like that.
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