Instagram star who suffered from an eating disorder is fighting to bring awareness to the condition

PHOTO: Magazine Features
PHOTO: Magazine Features

An Instagram star, whose life revolved around food, is now on a worldwide mission to show that all eating disorders are valid regardless of your size or weight.  

Colleen Werner, from New York, US, suffered from an eating disorder when she was just 14 years old, but struggled with body image issues from the age of 10.

“Many things contributed to starting and continuing my eating disorder – influences from the media, the pressure in the dance world, family stress, and likely my genetics as well,” says Colleen.

Before her recovery, the 20-year-old would exercise at home as well as dance for 15 hours a week and would restrict the number of calories she consumed. “I used eating disorder behaviours to numb myself so I wouldn’t have to feel strong emotions like depression and anxiety,” she says.  

The student and dance teacher, stopped weighing herself just under a year ago and refuses to know her current weight. 

A now much happier Colleen decided to start a body positivity movement on Instagram under the hashtag ‘BoPoBallerina’ after witnessing the pressures professional dancers have to endure in the plight for the perfect body.

The brunette-beauty now practices intuitive eating and eats all food types in moderation, she also no longer denies herself the occasional ice-cream. 

Colleen’s friends and family are proud to see how far she’s come and are overjoyed that she’s committed to helping others with eating disorders. 

“I want other people who are suffering from eating disorders to know that they aren’t alone, that recovery is possible, and recovery is worth it.

“You’re more than your body, and you’re more than your eating disorder,” says Colleen.

Source: Magazine Features