‘Nothing’s wrong, it’s just hard’: Mom’s post about the struggles of parenthood goes viral

PHOTO: Getty Images
PHOTO: Getty Images

Parenting is often a fulfilling and joyful experience, but sometimes raising kids can be quite chaotic. 

Blogger Bunmi Laditan shared that very sentiment on Facebook recently and her post has resonated with so many moms all around the world.

The mom-of-three decided to share details of a typical morning in her household, including the pandemonium she encounters when trying to get her kids ready for school.

“Nothing’s wrong, it’s just hard. 'This is unbearable,' I think as I listen to my children bicker,” wrote Bunmi.

“It’s not yet dawn, but they’re awake and their belligerent voices are an assault on my still-sleeping senses. Nothing’s wrong, it’s just hard.”

Bunmi, who’s an author, goes on to explain how her children mess up the laundry in a bid to find clothing garments and how she scrambles to pack their ‘healthy’ lunch.

“My oldest two tear apart the laundry pile hunting for socks. Despite this being a daily occurrence, I’ve failed to organise myself and my home. Maybe today? Doubtful.

“I hurriedly pack lunches healthier than I ate as a child but somehow still not good enough by today’s standards. Is string cheese a protein? Nothing’s wrong, it’s just hard,” she wrote.

Bunmi then gathers her kids to leave but runs into a few bumps along the way.

“Someone can’t find a shoe. My youngest can’t tear himself away from his shows. He’s eating now, too. Of course, he is. Put it in a [sandwich] bag.

“My oldest is lost in worries over a test I wish I’d helped her prepare more for. My middle is lost in the angst of being the middle.

“Note to self: give her more attention (the positive kind). My keys no longer exist in this dimension. Nothing’s wrong, it’s just hard,” wrote the mom.

Eventually, Bunmi manages to drop her kids at school and grabs a ‘sweet drink’ to get her through the day.

“Eventually, we all get where we need to go and I’m sipping a warm, sweet drink purchased like a prayer at a drive-thru.

“The day got going and all it cost me were a few grey hairs. Nothing’s wrong, it’s just hard,” wrote Bunmi.

The touching post was shared more than 3 000 times and has racked up over 17 000 likes on social media.

“My heart goes out especially to the single parents struggling to make it a day today,” said one user.

“It’s hard! But I beg of you, no matter how hard the day may have been, no matter what the struggles . . . hug them, kiss them, and love them,” said another.

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