This curvy blogger is recreating celeb looks – to show what A-lister outfits would look like on a plus-size women

Katie Sturino. (Photo: Instagram/@the12ishstyle)
Katie Sturino. (Photo: Instagram/@the12ishstyle)

She’s changing the fashion game for curvy women – one outfit at a time.

Blogger Katie Sturino, 24, from New York, shows her more than 230 000 Instagram followers what A-lister’s outfits would look like on a plus-size women.

“I can’t tell you the frustration when I’m shopping (and I’m a blogger! In NYC!),” Katie wrote on Instagram.

“So while I applaud brands who are making changes to include more sizes, I’m going see if we can work together to let other designers know they have a whole demographic that wants to shop.

“Please tag a brand you wish made your size below! I’m starting the #MakeMySizeMovement!”

Katie, whose blog is called The 12ish Style, emulates looks made famous by celebs such as Emma Roberts, Kendall Jenner Selena Gomez and Meghan Markle.

The blogger told Refinery29 a few clothing brands have written to her asking if they can talk to her about what they can do.

She told Insider the best part about her fashion recreations are the positive messages she gets from people who say she inspired them to embrace their bodies.

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