10 things about The Bachelor you might not know

The Bachelor, Lee Thompson. (Photo supplied: M-Net)
The Bachelor, Lee Thompson. (Photo supplied: M-Net)

Cape Town - And then there were two.

After weeks of magic romantic encounters, glittering gifts and nail-biting rose ceremonies, South Africa’s first “Bachelor” has gone through all the candidates and the Cape businessman and model, Lee Thompson, is a step closer to finding the woman of his dreams. 

Lee will ultimately have to choose between Jozaan Digue and make-up artist Gina Myers.

But what about the goings on behind-the-scenes?

Where do the women get their awesome evening wear? How many roses were used during filming? And what do the gals do when they’re not out on a date with Lee?


1. The evening dresses for the rose ceremonies, during which Lee hands out red roses to contestants he wants to get better acquainted with, are supplied by Just Tonight Josephine – but it’s the contestants themselves who choose the dresses they step out in.

2. When they go on dates with Lee, the participants style their own outfits. When a date has a specific theme, the outfits are supplied – and the women are briefed in advance to pack clothes for a variety occasions. This includes from swimming costumes to evening wear, says M-Net publicity officer Nadine Moonsamy.  "Some women arrived with more than a single huge case of clothes," she says. 

3. Because the contestants are confined to the manor house in Sandton producers have seen to it that the cupboards are stocked with loads of coffee, tea, milk, fruit, fruit juice, breakfast cereal and healthy meals. The house also has a chef and professional cleaning service on hand.

4. Initially contestants had to share rooms, but as their numbers dwindled, they could move around in the house. 

5. The luxury venues boasts an equipped gym.

6. When the contestants weren’t out on a fabulous date with Lee, they gymmed, swam, took afternoon naps or spent time getting to know each other. "They also usually talked about Lee," Nadine quipped.

7. Arranging the dates was a challenge, also keeping the details under wraps, Nadine says. "We wanted it as subtle and exclusive as possible, so the public wouldn’t realise what was going on," Nadine says.  Just a handful of the production team were sent to film the dates. "We also wanted to make sure it stays authentic and intimate," Nadine adds. 

8. 560 red roses were used during the filming of the series.

9. 500 candles were also used and 360m of fairy lights were strung up around the manor house.

10. Lee also gave input on the dates. 

The Bachelor SA airs Thursdays at 19:00 on M-Net (DStv 101)